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Vixen Twins watch Wild Wolves and Loony Lynx (MN Sports Thread)


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Between the Cruz and Berrios trades, the Twins now have 8 of their top 10 prospects in AA or AAA.....and they got something for Happ (unreal). It is frustrating, but they aren't starting over with A level guys here....

Fangraphs still loves Martin, but dropped him to 59th (still awesome) overall.....

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On 7/30/2021 at 8:30 AM, Worm Guts said:

I guess that depends how you feel about winning your division and getting swept in the playoffs.  There's been quite a few playoff teams in that time frame.

Yes, having won less playoff games than the Timberwolves in 18 years does kind of put a damper on things.  In the end, at least to me, makes the entire season fairly meaningless, because often, they weren't even competitive in those series either.

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19 minutes ago, TENINCH said:

The Twins never seem to put an emphasis on pitching. What's the point of scoring all these runs if you're going to make JA Happ a starting pitcher that can't stop anyone. So many past ther prime leftovers when it comes to pitching.

Because offense is sexy and sells tickets, pitching does not.  Pitching in MLB is like defense in the NFL...these leagues' priorities have been to increase attraction and sell tickets...and emphasized offense is the way they do that. 

That's fine, but you'll lose some longer term fans because of that. It was only one of the multitude of reasons why I pay little attention to the game any longer, but it is one.  I was one that always found the 1-0 and 2-1 or 3-1 games far more entertaining than 13-12...or 17-14 as was the case with a Twins game last week.  A brilliantly pitched game between Jack Morris and John Smoltz gives you a memory that you never forget.  A slugfest with multiple solo shots is rather forgettable to me.

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