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XFL Reboot


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Jan. 25th is the expected announcement date.  Personally I would love for the XFL or a NFL Europe league that runs a NFL style game to emerge for football in general.  The NFL would greatly benefit from having back up and 3rd string QBs get reps at a lower level.  XFL the first time brought Tommy Maddox's career back.  Kurt Warner used lower leagues to develop.   

guys I would love to be in an XFL

Johnny Manzel

Tim Tebow

Geno Smith

Guy like David Fales or Calib Hanne

Scoby Wright

Ben Boulware


Secondly I am going with the Chicago Beef for the name of the XFL team with the logo being a Italian beef sandwich


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32 minutes ago, RunningVaccs said:

My favorite fancy beer is Dragons Milk, at least when I want a hangover. 

Man, I remember ten years ago when Binny’s would have cases of Bourbon County Stout on clearance because nobody wanted the stuff. Now everybody does a barrel-aged stout and it takes a few hours of standing in line and two confirmed miracles to get a bomber off BCS.

Then there’s Three Floyds Dark Lord Day, which I’m pretty sure takes literal murder to get a bottle.

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