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The Vikings did a very good job assembling a quality front office and a quality coaching staff over the years, and now we’re seeing them leave for other opportunities. 

I can’t say that the coaching staff has adequately replaced its losses. We’ll see if the can replace their losses in the front office. 

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I hope that move works out for Paton, but Denver looks like one of the worst GM jobs available. Best of luck to him. Hopefully local hero, Elway, stays out of the way of Paton. I imagine that if the team stinks Paton will be blamed and if the team does well Elway will take credit.

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49 minutes ago, Heimdallr said:

Paton was never going to be 'the guy' here, so this is a good move for him. Spielman isn't going to give up control, and if Spielman gets fired, they wouldn't promote his #2 guy. 

This is why I thought this year made sense for Paton to leave.  Next year is make or break for this regime, and if it's break, they'd clean house.

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