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Let’s dive into PFF's top 32 safeties entering the 2021 NFL season.


Smith’s rookie season was in 2012, and he has never had a poor healthy season since that point — the kind of consistent excellence that Smith has been able to maintain for the Vikings is freakish at the safety position. The former Notre Dame star had a relative down year in 2020, but he still recorded five picks, five pass breakups and better-than-average grades in every facet of play.



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Not only has Westbrook proven to be an explosive wide receiver in the NFL, he has also been a serviceable punt returner.

“That’s been an asset of my game, going out there and potentially returning punts, putting the team in the best position to win each week,” Westbrook told Tomasson.

Westbrook said he “definitely” could help with kickoff returns, too. He will receive ample competition for those spots, with Kene Nwangwu, Ihmir Smith-Marsette, Ameer Abdullah and others all being viable candidates.

It’s hard to see how Westbrook couldn’t make this team better. With the lack of positional strength past Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen on the wide receiver depth chart, he can help out there. He can maybe even be a much-needed special teams ace.

“I love everything about the Vikings,” Westbrook told Tomasson. “I like their offensive scheme, I like the things that they’re doing as far as gidget-gadgets that they have going on. …. Just their whole offensive scheme and I think I can fit in perfectly.”


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10 minutes ago, vike daddy said:

i don't know a thing about Westbrook. educate me on the pros and cons.


Fast, elusive, a spark plug out of the slot that can provide big plays. Also fairly reliable as a punt returner.


Coming off of an ACL injury, not consistent week in and week out (although playing for Jacksonville doesn’t help), somewhat limited in what he can provide on offensive due to his size, or lack there of. 

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