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17 minutes ago, SemperFeist said:


With how he has played this preseason, I would have let go of Tye Smith and kept Hercules on the PS.  Especially with how quickly injuries happen.  Hopefully he gets a shot somewhere else.  With the Vikings bringing back in Everson Griffen assumingly and Weatherly that has changed the DE room, that and Robinson getting hurt.  If Robinson did not get hurt not sure Griffen is brought back but who knows.  

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1 hour ago, SemperFeist said:

Unless their plans have changed regarding Nwangwu, it’s odd that Cook and Mattison are the only two running backs set to be on the active roster week 1. 

Because I also needed to remember exact practice squad points

  • Expansion of practice squads to 16 players, including up to six who have more than two accrued seasons.

  • The ability to protect up to four practice squad players per week from being signed by other teams.

  • Elevation of up to two practice squad players to the active roster, without removing any current players, before 4 p.m. ET the day before a game.

         So they will have another back on gameday without any roster adjusting.

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The thing is that they can only do that twice with each practice squad player.  I'd have to imagine after all of it shakes out that Abdullah will end up back on the 53-man roster...they're just stashing him there for now.

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44 minutes ago, solidvikingfan said:

Wolfson thinks it is more processing stuff.

If they’re bring him back, I guess I fail to see the point of releasing him in the first place. 

Cutting him created ~$700k in dead money both this year and next. While it saves ~$1M. Bringing him back, even at vet minimum, would only result in around $100k in savings.

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