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my 1st way to early top 25


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1. S. Barkley RB Penn St. 5'11" 223 lbs. - Clean kid with elite measurables. Can run inside and outside. Great hands and YAC. Good blocker who should get better.  Can return kicks great teammate.  Safest pick since Andrew Luck

2. Q.Nelson OG N.D. 6'5" 329 lbs. -Mean nasty and smart 10 year starter with multiple pro bowls plug and play from day one.

3. O. Brown OT Oklahoma. 6'8"360lbs - Behemoth who can man handle opponents. But not his dad. A ORT imo a probowl road grater but will be an average left tackle if asked to play there.

4. V.Vea DT Washington. 6'5" 344lbs. - Best run stopper in the draft period. Can also create havok in the backfield. A Haloti type player imo.

5. D. James SS F.S.U. 6'3" 211 lbs. - Kid has got the body range and ball skills to be an enforcer. Have to see more tape but was impressed by what little I saw love his length.

6. J. Jackson CB Iowa 6'1" 192 lbs. - Doubt he'll blaze at the combine but this kid can play.  Shutdown corner, willing tackler, tough hard nosed kid.  Battle tested.

7. B. Chubb DE NC.state. 6'4" 275fit lbs. - Great measurables and production. I think hes the most complete DE in this draft and definitely a 3 down player. Not Myles Garrett J. Clowney freak but very good.

8. M. Fitzpatrick FS/CB Bama 6'1" 201 lbs. - Versatile cover guy and play maker. Was asked to do alot. Corner, slot, safety, man, and zone.  Also blitzed well and tackled. A fit for any scheme.

9. L. Jackson QB Louisville 6'3" 210 lbs. - Best QB prospect in this draft imo. Raw yes young yes but his upside is huge. Hes not ready to start day one but already won a hiesman put up gawdy numbers. Hes made mind blowing plays with his legs and his arm. Athletically and statistically no others really compare and he wins.

10. R. Smith ILB Georgia  6'1" 225 lbs. - This kid flies around and hits.  Good leader. Gonna have to bulk up if hes 225 imo or play weak side. Very good player and playmaker.

11. D. Payne DT Bama 6'2" 308 lbs. - Makes plays on a very talented defence. Plays bigger quick and powerful. 

12. M. Andrews TE Oklahoma. 6'5" 253 lbs. - Love this kid.  Runs great routes, gets open when plays break down, gamer. 

13. M. McGlinchy OT N.D. 6'8" 312 lbs. -  Great length & wingspan. Need to study more but so far I see a solid starting OLT.

14. M. Hurst DT "that school up north" 6'2" 282 lbs. - I thought he was bigger. Kid plays in the backfield. A tweener if these measurements are right. 

15. K. Miller OT UCLA.  6'8" 310 lbs. - Another long kid with upside.  Good even average OLT's are hard to come by.

16. J. Rosen QB UCLA 6'4" 220 lbs. - Shows flashes. Great size and tools. Can be dead accuracte when on.  Doesnt win enough forces throws. Good upside though

17. C. Ridley WR Bama 6'1" 190 lbs. - Not Amari Cooper.  But very good. May not be the best WR in this draft but is the most ready. Can get deep runs solid routes and gets YAC.

18. B. Mayfield QB Oklahoma. 6'1" 218 lbs. - Intriguing kid. Wins makes miracle plays, has moxie and leadership.  Same things Johnny Manziel had.  Johnny had a problem. If Baker doesnt I think he can be good.

19. C. Sutton WR S.M.U. 6'4" 215 lbs. - Long, gets deep at will. High points 50/50 balls. Raw. Can be very good.  Lack of big time competition is an issue.

20. S. Darnold QB USC. 6'4" 225 lbs. - Another west coast QB who looks the part. Watched him make some elite throws against my Buckeyes. Doesnt win. Can be sporadic at times.

21. B. Price OC Ohio State. 6'3" 315 lbs. -plug and play from day one. Solid starter who can make line calls, pull and trap.

22. D. Guice RB L.S.U. 5'11" 212 lbs. - A Clinton Portis type back. Can do a bit of everything but needs to be limited in touches to be effective.

23. N.Chubb RB Georgia. 5'10" 228 lbs. - Bruiser who can bounce it outside. Durable gets better the more you feed him. A wear you out type back.  Not asked to run alot of routes but can catch. Ok blocker.

24. R. Freeman RB Oregon. 5'11" 230 lbs. - Another bruiser who can bang between the tackles and on the goal line. A load when he gets going.

25. S. Hubbard OLB Ohio State. 6'5" 266 lbs. - Long strong and smart. Can make plays and hold an edge. Hard to put up elite stats on a great team.

Again my first ranking with kids ive watched and researched. More to come...



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Where in the world is Denzel Ward? Hard to believe Sam Hubbard made this list but Denzel Ward didn't.


Oh and Freeman is not even close to being a bruiser. He's a 230 pound finesse back. I hate him.

I also hate Maurice Hurst. His size and lack of elite athleticism is going to cripple him in the pros. Tank Carradine at best.

Don't really see any other real problems other than Lamar Jackson being so high. He's got elite measurables and talent, but he's so far away from being ready for the NFL that it's hard to imagine him going even in the top 20. I like Jackson, but he's an enormous project with a very low ceiling. No way does he go ahead of the other 4.

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5 hours ago, CaliforniaKid7 said:

The “doesn’t win” tidbit for Darnold confuses me. The kid went 22-4 as a starter. He never won a national championship but neither has any QB not named Deshaun Watson or an Alabama QB. 


Plus the kid won TWO CONFERENCE TITLES in two years!

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The style of writing from this guy looks really close to what I recall from somebody who was on the Draft Countdown forums before. I don't know if he was ever on any other forums, but there was one guy who was quite a character, wrote in short sentences, really brief takes on prospects, and had a tendency to make a few really strange, generally immature comments (such as in this post, the comment about Orlando Brown's dad...).

Cannot recall if he was an Ohio State fan like this guy seems to clearly be stating in the posts. I also recall that guy having at least one lesser ranked guy very high and there isn't a ton of that here other than Orlando Brown and Kolton Miller higher than the average with a Royce Freeman shoutout. 

If it is the same guy though, I will say that his main purpose seems to strictly just be trying to make a few wild claims to spark controversy. 

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