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2018 Coaching Changes

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Terry Robiskie has been hired as WR coach.

This move is being well thought of around the league. He was the Falcons WR coach for 7 years and got Roddy White to 4 pro bowls during that time. Apparently he is very particular about fundamentals and has amazing attention to detail. 

Big fan of this hire on paper. 

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On 09/02/2018 at 1:57 PM, marshawn lynch said:

While it would definitely suck that we would have to go through change again I wouldn't mind if he left. Gotta remember that Frazier isn't a McDermott guy. He was recommended to him. I'm confident Sean could get a guy to run his defense. Leslie and Sean both have similar schemes in pass defense but Sean's linebacker are usually way more aggressive in his scheme compared to Frazier's.

The reports are McDermott was heavily relying on Frazier for advice, he is very much a McDermott guy now

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