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1 hour ago, iPwn said:

You don’t want to talk about this team any more than I want to talk about a colonoscopy. You seem to be with the Jags about where I was with every sports team a few years ago. Just done with all the garbage and pretending that things aren’t all trash.

Yeah, Im surprised you even have any interest in coming on here and posting based on your posts, Sabo. Its fine, as we've been terrible and the team deserves to get called out on it but I wouldnt come on here if I felt the way you do based on your  posts. Haven't seen one single positive post about the team from you ever. Lol


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8 hours ago, iPwn said:

The Jags social media team needs to be fired. This last month or so has just been brutally bad after being bad for quite a while.

i dont get why sports teams dont got the best twitter accounts man it's their job they get paid for and every team's social media is trash lol

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Just a little information you might've already noticed: 

The Jaguars forum is top 3 most active football forums on the site. 

The Jaguars forum is also in the top 10 overall most active forums on the site. 

Keep up the good work Jaguars fans. 

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2 minutes ago, .Buzz said:

NFL Mobile through Verizon doesnt use data, does it

Last year they changed it so it didn’t. Not sure if they kept it for this year though, it would/should be more prominent if it was the case.

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