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Manchester United - NE Patriots. Parallels?


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Is it fair to say NE are the Man United of the NFL? 

-Most successful team of the past 15 years or so

-Coached by one of, if not the, best head coaches, who has no problem adapting with the times

-Inevitable tough period when said coach retires 

-Most silverware in the league

-Bandwagon fans ;) 


What do you reckon? 

One of the biggest differences, I think, is that United didn't suffer when they lost their best player (Ronaldo, for example). Whereas I think NE would struggle if they lost Brady, no matter what. 

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16 minutes ago, LeeEvans said:

I kind of always made a mental comparison between the two. I think there's certainly some similarities between the two. 

One or two. Both have long tenured managers and dominated in their competition for the most part at certain periods. That’s it. I just don’t think there is very much there. 

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1 hour ago, Super4 said:

Well I'm a Man United fan and a Cowboys fan and I certainly see more connections between the two franchises than the Patriots.

Cowboys are more like Liverpool. 

Storied franchise, well supported but living off past glories! ?

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