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Daniel Brown has the best feet/quickness of our TEs 

Mike Glennon throws a tight ball, excellent velocity and placement 

Tanner Gentry is much quicker than I thought

The ball doesn't consistently come out clean for 
Mitch, although he just lofted a ****in dime to Shaheen 30 yards down field. 

Cohen just tried running a jerk route and got blown up by Timu. 

Shaheen is legit, put it in his wheelhouse and he's making the catch. Him and Trubisky are the future. 

Cohen is quick as **** but if you get your hands on him it's over

Leonard Floyd just made Sims look silly

If Cohen is our 3rd down back defenses will know he's not staying in to protect. Dude fights but he's just tiny. 

Carey got smoked in protection (x2)

That being said Cohen is a ******* blur and just took one to the house 

Mitch just fumbled a snap two times in a row. He's just not ready guys.

Mitch fumbles a snap again.

You can see Shaheen's basketball history when he's running crossers, once the ball leaves the QB's hands he had his defender boxed out. I think he'll be a good one

Mitch just tried to motion a WR on the field side, nobody moved, then he realized it was boundary side. Wound up being a screen to Cohen who made a huge play out of nothing 

Kevin White was in the slot and Bryce Callahan just **** on him at the line of scrimmage. Woof. 

Mitch to Braverman looks good! 

Glennon just threw a ******* dart to Meredith, I have no idea how he fit it in that window (tiny would be am understatement) 

And then he throws a duck that's picked off

Deonte Thompson with a once handed grab 35 yards down field from a back-footed Mark Sanchez 

Trubisky just dropped a 55 yard dime in Titus Davis' hands, I have no idea how he threw it so perfectly because that dude was covered

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