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Post Cousins Mini Mock:


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Post Cousins Quick Potential Draft Scenario (not would I would do - just a scenario I can see playing out if draft were this week):

1. Browns: Take Josh Rosen their top rated QB.  Rosen says he doesn't want to play for Browns, Browns call his bluff and take him anyway.  

2. Giants: Thought they would get Rosen. Field trade offers and are tempted, in end they figure they may not be at top of draft again for a long while and take their QB of present or future in their second choice Josh Allen

3. Cards make the big move up and trade 15, 2nd round and 4 and next years 1 and 3 to Indy for Sam Darnold.  Buffalo also negotiating for this spot.  

4. Browns: Take Saquon Barkley.  Best RB in draft to fill out their new backfield for next 4 - 6 years.  They are done trading down and looking to win ASAP now.  

5. Buffalo: Broncos Get Cousins. Trade 5 for Buffalos 21 and 22 their 3rd and next years 1 to get ahead of Jets and take Baker Mayfield QB

6. Jets: Thought Mayfield would be available and gambled.  Have some interest in Jackson, but are scared of his accuracy problems to take him at 6.  Try to trade, but can't find a partner in time.  Take Calvin Ridley at last second the best WR on their board.

7.  Bucs: Wanted Buffalo trade, but didn't work out.  Talk to Bears about trade down one slot thinking about gambling that Bears may not take Bradley Chubb and may gain a draft choice.   In end Bears are offering too much a pittance to lose out on player of choice they take Bradley Chubb.  

8. Bears: Wanted to make Buffalo trade, but didn't work out.  Get excited that Chubb has fallen to within one pick of their slot and consider swapping picks with Bucs for him, but asking price of Bucs is too high.  Inwardly cursing their draft slot, again so close to unexpected player!  Look to trade down, but can't find a partner offering value.   Best players on their board are not positions of great team need or high value positions.   After much war room discussion, Bears strongly consider Ward, Fitzpatrick, Edmunds and briefly Quenton Nelson.  After much internal disagreement Bears take Orlando Brown OT Oklahoma.  Best player on their board at their thinnest position.  Quick assessment of Brown - doesn't have ideal feet or knee bend, but is so long he takes forever to get around and is an immovable object.  Fans do not agree with the pick and consider it a reach.  Bears tend to surprise in first round so I went against all my instincts for the pick.  

(I really just wanted to make a potential scenario for Bears, but I guess I'll play out rest of first round real quick.  I didn't know who would be available when I started it and wanted to be realistic in options and what I think Bears might do in real time changing circumstances).

9. 49ers: Minkah Fitzpatrick S/CB. Best player on their board and fills a need.

10:  Raiders: Tremaine Edmunds LB. Best player on their board and fills a need.

11: Dolphins: Take Mike McGlinchey to play OT after losing Ja'Waun James in FA.  Analysts are shocked that McGlinchey goes before Nelson and discuss at length.  In end it is positional value that wins out for Dolphins. 

12: Bengals: Very next pick Bengals take best player on their board Quenton Nelson Guard.

13: Redskins: Take Denzel Ward CB Ohio St. to replace Fuller.

14: Packers: Take Joshua Jackson CB Iowa.  Best player on their board.

15: Colts: Take Conner Williams OT Texas to complete an unexpected early run on OTs and to protect Andrew Luck.

16:  Ravens: Take Derwin James. S.  Best player on their board.

17: Chargers: Take Roquan Smith LB Georgia.  Best player on their board.

18:  Seahawks: Really wanted Conner Williams or Orlando Brown.  Take Marcus Davenport DE best player on their board. 

19: Cowboys: Surprised at players available to them.  Still take Maurice Hurst DL Michigan as planned.

20: Lions:  Take unsexy but solid pick Billy Price C/G Ohio St.

21&22 Broncos:  Take Vita Vea NT and Rashaan Evans ILB.  Elway takes another shot at Super Bowl with championship level defense and adequate offense.

 23: Rams:  Da"ron Payne DT Alabama.  Best player on their board.  

24:  Panthers: Donte jackson CB. LSU.  Best player on their board.  

25:  Titans: Arden Key. LB LSU. Best Player on their board.

26:  Falcons: Were thinking OL and Isaiah Wynn, but decide they can't pass up Harold Landry LB at this value.

27: Saints: Take Isaiah Wynn, Georgia OG.

28: Steelers: Take  Derrius Guice, LSU RB to replace or back up Bell.  

29: Jaguars:  Many think Jags will take a QB, but team doesn't want to gamble on a contending team.  Take James Washington, WR.

30: Vikings: . Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA  Vikings take a need.  

31: Eagles: Will Hernandez, OG UTEP. 

32: Patriots: Sam Hubbard, Ohio State DE/OLB (would not be shocked if they take Louisville QB Lamar Jackson here.) 

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Does this entail us keeping Fuller and Amukamara? Otherwise to me WR and CB would by far be the weakest spots for starters (followed by EDGE) IMO. Not opposed to Brown, but I'd much rather see Minkah, Jackson, and potentially Davenport over Brown as they have serious potential at 3 of the most important non-QB positions.


I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing Kirk and Sutton were both still available for day 2 though. Taven Bryan too. lol

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great stuff! QB will go 1 2 3.  I can see the colts trading out.  I'm not sure if the cards and the bills make the jump I could see the colts trading with jets.  The bills would be better served by taking Jackson or Randolph late first. 

I would be very happy with Orlando Brown.  Protect Mitch and could you imagine being a defending trying to get off a guy who is 6'8 and then trying to find and tackle a guy who is 5'6.  Cohen will disappear behind Brown and then fly right by you.  Leno being at LT will also give Brown time to work on his technique for a few years and before switching to LT.    

I don't like the browns pick at 4 Fitzpatrick is the pick there I think Barkley takes a little slide down the board.  He is the player I think the media has higher than NFL teams

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If we take an OLmen over Quenton Nelson I will walk across the room get my phone, and then throw it across the room again.

All 3 of those players will have significantly higher grades than Brown.


I know I mocked Brown to the Bears, but he really is a poor scheme fit.

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5 hours ago, WindyCity said:

If we take an OLmen over Quenton Nelson I will walk across the room get my phone, and then throw it across the room again.

All 3 of those players will have significantly higher grades than Brown.


I know I mocked Brown to the Bears, but he really is a poor scheme fit.

when don't we throw something across the room.  Remember last year

Don't misspell words to get round the filters...MM90.

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12 minutes ago, AZBearsFan said:

Wait until we don’t take Nelson at 8. Probably best you invest in an Otterbox now Windy. ?

I am fine if they pass on Nelson for the following



I will understand if the do so for guys with more positonal value




Other than that I will not be super psyched

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12 minutes ago, Nads786 said:

I didn't I loved the boldness. I wouldn't say Mitch was my number 1 QB but I liked going for a QB instead of a defensive player.

I didn't mean the Mitch pick but the Shea pick.

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