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Joe Barksdale - Chronic Depression

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Not sure if anyone has seen it yet but there is an article on the la times site talking about Joe Barksdale and how he is fighting chronic depression, to the point that when they told him in early November 2017 that he wasn't going to be able to play the Jacksonville game because of injury... he went home and sharpened a knife to end it but his wife was able to talk him out of it. The story goes on about a few things with Joe's life and his battles. It is a very deep story that is worth a read. I really feel for him, depression is a difficult thing to handle and even harder for people who have never had it to understand. Hopefully this story can help him.

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I hope he finds the help he needs as with anyone who battles mental illness.  Luckily for him, medicine has made great strides in that area over the years.  I wish him and his family all the best

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