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4 Round Mock Offseason - *Updated 2/15*

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2 hours ago, Rich7sena said:

I question whether Smith is appreciably better enough than Campbell in nickel to warrant a 1st round pick, let alone a trade up in the 1st round. Campbell is an exceptional athlete at the position and offers a lot on coverage from what I understand. Taking him off the field on passing downs seems counter-productive.

Believe it or not it's not the coverage im wanting from Smith it's the run stopping ability he provides as he is fantastic at that and is one of the most sure tacklers you will ever find.  He is as good as Campbell in coverage or atleast comparable while providing a ton better run defense than both Campbell and Duke Riely.   This move is more so to make Duke depth and upgrade the Lb position as a whole.   The biggest problem i would say here is you value him and his skill set a boatload less than the avg person does.  Alot of us see him as a top 10 prospect with probowl upside.  You are alot more down on him than most and probably just see him as a avg or above avg situational LB im guessing?  With that in mind a trade up wouldn't make sense to you at all but still compard to the 2 guys we did get i would take Smith over those 2 all day long and wouldn't think twice about it.  Hurst and Moore are  yuck where we drafted them at compared to the value smith has.

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