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I just, at the moment of writing this, found out that Trubisky is a FA.  I thought he had one more year in Chicago.  I thought wrong.  Their cap situation seems pretty good.  It could be better, but they can move some money around and make room for a QB, I think.  Foles has been very pedestrian, and I think Wentz is the better player at this juncture.  But is he 24 million dollars better? I really doubt it.  

That said, the FA cupboard is pretty bare, aside from Dak Prescott.  If they do make a trade for Wentz, or another QB, they are probably pulling a Rams and not having a first round pick for the third season in a row.  I kind of feel that the Bears are going to be hanging around 8-8 for a while no matter what they do.  

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I think the name "Black and Blue Division" can be applied to any division which has all or a majority of its teams in the Midwest.

Under this criteria, the following are also "Black and Blue" Divisions:

American League Central (Major League Baseball)
National League Central (Major League Baseball, has one team in Pennsylvania)
Eastern Conference Central Division (National Basketball Association) - I hope someday the Timberwolves are added to this division.

As well, the Big Ten Conference can be called the "Black and Blue Conference", for having 11 of its 14 members in the Midwest, as well as their logo incorporating those colors.

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Just now, pf9 said:

Pettine has been hired by the enemy.

Will be interesting seeing LaFleur's strategy late at the end of each half two times a year.  Wonder if LaFleur gets aggressive with 3 seconds left on the clock or just 6. 

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They'll have Pettine getting coffee after he hands over the offensive playbook

Bears: Do you have MLF's playbook ? Can I see it ?

Mike: Sure. Do you wanna see my playbook ?

Bears: LMAO. No Thanks

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1 hour ago, HighCalebR said:

i cant tell if you actually got mccockiner'ed. or if its irony.

so congrats, either way.

It was the “ultra weed hater” that got me.  I’m glad you picked up on the mccockiner - that’s classic.  He’s since changed his name to sprots center (spelled sprots).

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