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2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

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29 minutes ago, ArthurPensky said:

Get some vet Edge depth and maybe Evans and we’re on Tom Atlanta.

I want to see McCray and Madison both fail before we bring back Evans (even Kofi too).  I like Evans, but I think our young talent will improve with the more reps that they get.

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4 hours ago, Shanedorf said:

There's 4 clips.

Surely you can find something positive in one of them... B|

Don't get me wrong, I like Marcedes Lewis. I couldn't be happier with this signing, numbers pending of course. I even think Lewis is a pretty decent blocker for that spot. I'm just not losing my mind over this signing or that play. This is a savy vet signed after the comp pick deadline. This is exactly the kind of signing you should make when you strike out on your first tier targets. (And everybody strikes out on first tier targets. There's much less elite talent than money in the league right now)

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If Gute makes one free agent/trade move after June 1st cuts and during the regular season, we're winning the Super Bowl this year. 

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