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Eagles Offseason Thread (HAPPY NEW league YEAR!: Year of the Champions)

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Jets are in a predicament. Coach/GM probably have to win now, but they don't have many weapons why not grab a rookie and push back their clock or get AJ McCarron and use the 3 picks in the first 50 to bring in some talent. 

Buffalo has a QB waiting, I expect a place holder guessing Josh McCown or AJ McCarron

AZ probably will have to settle for the last out of the rookie bunch. They won't win the West over SEA/LAR unfortunate for Fitz/AP. Sammy Sleeves to be the placeholder

Denver needs a vet as well guessing Cousins or rookie

Miami has an out with Tannehill's deal. If they get an offer for Landry I expect them to move on from Tannehill.

Minny will bring back Teddy or Keenum if they don't get Cousins

NYG stick it out with Eli since he has no trade clause maybe a QB in the second

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Mort saying that he wouldn't be surprised if the Eagles traded a DB and that they're eyeing a 3rd round pick in return. 

I think it's Darby. He's a free agent after next season.

That would leave us with Sidney Jones, Jalen Mills, and Rasul Douglas. 


On another note, I think Foles has to get moved at this point. We'd save 5.2 million in cap space. That puts a significant dent in getting us back to being salary cap compliant. Sure, it's smart to adopt the stance that he's so crucial to drive up the return in a trade. But at a certain point, they will need to pull the cord and just take the best offer out there to help with that cap space. 

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Ed Hochuli retiring...


Hochuli played college football at UTEP and is a founding partner of Jones, Skelton & Hochuli, a law firm in Phoenix. He joined the NFL in 1990 as a back judge, was promoted to referee in 1992 and entered the 2017 season as the NFL's second-longest tenured official.

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We want the Vikings to sign Cousins right?

My thinking behind that is this:

- Almost no chance that the Vikings would trade for Foles after getting burned in the Bradford deal. Their GM probably knows he won't be able to save his job if he repeats the same mistake twice (if Foles doesn't pan out for the Vikings).

- This would make teams like the Broncos, Bills, Jets, Cardinals, and Browns a little more desperate and as I said above, the Vikings were probably never going to be seriously interested in Foles.

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Anyone else worried after seeing that the Eagles are confident that Wentz will return in week 1? I love the guys effort and determination, but there’s no reason to rush him back whatsoever. If we don’t get a great offer for Foles I’m perfectly fine with him starting the first few weeks until Wentz is good to go

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2 hours ago, Phire said:

I don't want the Vikings anywhere near a halfway decent QB. 
I hope they sign Johnny Football or something.

if the eagles were at full health we beat that team by 50 why you scurred?


I mean unless zimmer is going to somehow become a better coach than Doug and not get put on the corner to make doug his money every time they face off then no worries.

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