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Eagles Offseason Thread (HAPPY NEW league YEAR!: Year of the Champions)

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1 hour ago, EaglesPeteC said:

Ive heard "there are whispers" from the combine that Graham is available via trade on a few Eagles podcasts etc that i check out

Seems more like speculation and that other teams are the ones interested in Graham.

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10 hours ago, ninjapirate said:

The only way graham is expendable is if the eagles think Barnett takes a step forward. 

Even then, that shouldn't effect BG in the slightest. Every other DE on the roster, sure. No reason DB would make Graham expendable.

Long, Curry, Means, Bennett in that order, sure.

Only way BG isn't a Eagle in 2018 is if he is truly putting up a stink about his contract behind closed doors and the two aren't remotely close in negotiations.

Curry better go before Trex!!


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A little surprised we are keeping Robinson cause he's turning 31 years old at the start of the season and figured he would try cashing in as its last chance.

Hopefully the deal is reasonable and we can get out of it after 2 years without too much dead cap.

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21 minutes ago, eagles18 said:

I betting big that they are trying to shop Mills on a high. 

My guess would be Darby. You aren't gonna get much for Mills and Schwartz loves him for whatever reason.

With Darby you might be able to get back a 3rd rounder.

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Going to be very happy if we retain P-Rob. He's on the wrong side of 30, but hard to ignore the kind of year he had. I'm sure if we retain him it will be on a deal we can get out of after year 2. 


I don't think it means Darby is gone, certainly makes him more expendable, but you can never have enough CBs in today's league IMO, and at such a small cap hit he is valuable. He didn't play particularly great so I don't think the offers we'd get for him would be worth more than having him next year (and playing, say 40% of snaps?). 



edit: totally forgot about Worley already... yeah, Darby is gone.

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