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The Official Michigan Wolverines Thread

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If you exclude the games vs. Ohio State the conference record for Harbaugh is: 32-7 in 5 years.

For reference, Ohio State under Meyer and Day have lost 4 conference games in 8 years, and that includes vs. Michigan. Thats a 63-4 record. Harbaugh is on pace for 64-14 excluding Ohio State, so he loses 3 times as many versus other Big10 teams then Ohio State does....

As long as Michigan keeps losing close to 1,5 games a year versus other Big10 teams they shouldnt even think about beating Ohio State regularly.

Imo Michigan should focus less on Ohio State and more on how to build your roster and improving gameday management so that at least 3 out of 5 season you end up with beating all big10 teams leading into the Game.



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Sounds like Michigan will likely have to replace both Chris Partridge and Anthony Campanile at this point, based off what Sam Webb is saying. Lose the best recruiter on the staff and all the Jersey connections. Going to be tough to replace.

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