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Raiders Training Camp MegaThread 2017


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The injuries are starting to pile up. Getting annoying. I guess it's better to happen now then in the season. I just hope we start to get healthy.

I heard reports of Mack, Cooper, Conley, Obi, Sharpe, Ware, McGill, Brown, and Lewis all missing or going down in practice. Helfet, Feli, Ward and Heeney are already on lists not practicing. Worst of all was this...



Scary if all those guys miss real time.

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Yeah I agree.  Half our draft class has been banged up.  Looked like Obi was back from the team's Snapchat.  Lynch is apparently beasting too

Edit:  Looks like we got some guys back today.  But are also missing important pieces



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On 08/08/2017 at 2:03 AM, RaidersAreOne said:

Good to see we have a few risers like Lee and Vanderdoes at positions of weakness, it always so hard to tell who's actually doing what at camp.

I've got big hopes for Vanderdoes but Lee is something of a surprise to me, hopefully it's not just hyperbole and he can show up in the real game situation. 

Little dissapointed in Penn at this point but apart from that I think we seem to have had a solid camp.

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Can't wait for this game tomorrow. Glad we aren't even thinking abut playing Mack, Coop, etc. 


Guessing Lynch will get a series or two. 


Excited to see a few things tomorrow

-Borders: been talk all camp. Can he translate it to the field. 

-Lee/James: if they can stabilize the LB situation it will go a long way. Don't need to be studs, just not liabilities. 

-WR battle: With Coop, Crab, Roberts, and Patterson as locks there is one, maybe two spots left between Holton, Jaydon, Brent, etc. I think Holton locks one down and if Brent keeps up his big plays he may force his way into us keeping 6 WR's (assuming he can play ST's)

-Interior DL: Vanderdoes and Hester figure to get a good amount of snaps, want to see if they can generate any type of push. 

-Calhoun: he's healthy yes? Supposedly bulked up a good amount so interested to see if he's kept a good amount of his explosion and if we use him off the ball at all which I am against. 



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10 hours ago, MrOaktown_56 said:

When I saw Watkins for Gaines, I thought the Chiefs had traded for Sammy xD. Thank god it was the Rams instead, that would have been potentially messy.

Why? He'd bee injured 2 games in. 

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On 8/4/2017 at 1:25 PM, Rich7sena said:

Things I've noticed from Twitter:

  • E.J. Manuel getting a lot of love as the primary backup to Carr.
  • Vanderdoes making noise as an interior presence. Looks like he belongs.
  • Melifonwu not standing out so far.
  • Washington ahead of Richard in the RB rotation thus far.
  • K.J. Brent primary replacement for Cooper when he's been out.
  • Jared Cook and Clive Walford competing well.
  • Tyrell Adams and Marquel Lee are the clubhouse leaders to start at LB.
  • Carr up and down, but is showing good mobility.



Actually Lee and James are the current starter at LB. Melifonwu has been hurt most camp so far.

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14 minutes ago, Silver&Black88 said:

Interested to see if Shalom Luani can lock up a back up DB roster spot.  He'll have to play good STs but I've read he and Borders have been ballhawks early on.  McGill is banged up at least and inconsistent in general.

The spin on Luani coming out was that he was athletic and could make plays on the ball, but couldn't tackle consistently. If he can get that cleaned up, he might even have utility as a backup safety.

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