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Expectations for next year

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I think there is plenty of reasons for optimism going into 2018, here is why:

1) The Chargers were already one of the better defenses in the league in 2017, they should have all major pieces returning in 2018 and they really just need to get upgrades at DT and LB and they could very easily be an elite unit.

2) The AFC West doesn't really have anyone that is a worldbeater. The only consistent playoff team is going to be starting a 2nd year QB who is a complete unknown.

3) There is a strong possibility that the Patriots/Brady will decline next year. (Hopefully)

4) Anthony Lynn and the coaching staff got off to a rough start in 2017, but he showed vast improvement as the year progressed. I'm looking forward to seeing him coach in 2018 with more experience.

5) I think the stink of moving cities is finally over, at least in the minds of the players. I can't help but wonder if the 0-4 start had a large part to do with adjusting to playing in a new city.


 I think that the Chargers have a real opportunity to be a contender in the AFC during the next two seasons at the twilight of Rivers career, and I don't think I am being unrealistic here.

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