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Pre Combine Mock Offseason

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Cap Breakdown

Starting Cap Space: 41 million
Cuts: 83 million

Re-signings: -45.5 million
Free Agency/Extensions: -24.8 million
Draft: -8 million

Total Spent -78.3 million

2018 Cap Space Left Over: 4.7 million

2019 Cap Additions: 66.5 million
2019 Remaining Cap Room: 62.5
-Kyle Fuller
-Adrian Amos
-Cam Meredith


Releases/Not Re-signed [+42 million]

QB Mike Glennon [11.5 million]-A complete failure of a free agent signing.
TE Dion Sims [4.5 million]-He has been mediocre at catching and blocking and there is an out in his contract
WR Markus Wheaton [5 million]-Has done nothing and been injured and an easy one to move on from
LB Jerrel Freeman[3.5 million]-Younger players took his job. He can still play, but you do not keep a 32 year old guy when you have young guys ready to play
LB Pernell McPhee [7 million]-injuries and a big contract
LB Willie Young [4.5 million]-injuries and age
CB Marcus Cooper [4.5 million]-has been a bust and I would rather keep Prince
C Hroniss Grasu [800k]-he sucks
FB- Michael Burton [700k]-he sucks as well

OT Bradley Sowell
OT Tom Compton

Savings: 42 million

Total Cap Space: 83 million

Re-signings/Extensions [45.5]

CB Kyle Fuller Franchise Tag [14 million]
CB Prince Amukamara 3 years 21 million/10 guaranteed [7]
LB Lamar Houston 2 years 6 million/2 guaranteed [3]
LB Sam Acho 2 years 5 million/2 guaranteed [2]
LB Christian Jones 3 years 9 million/4 guaranteed [3]
P Pat O'Donnell 4 years 12 million/5 guaranteed [3]
QB Mark Sanchez 2 years 5 million/2 guaranteed [2]
CB Sherrick McManis 2 years 4 million/.5 guaranteed [1.5]
DE Mitch Unrien 2 years 4.5 million/1.5 guaranteed [2.5]
RB Benny Cunningham 1 year 1.25 million/200k guaranteed [1.2]

Spent: 39.25 million


WR Cam Meredith 2.4 million [2nd round tender]
CB Bryce Callahan 2.4 mllion [2nd round tender]
TE Daniel Brown 750K [Original Round] 
LB John Timu 750k [Original Round]

Spent: 6.25 million

Extensions [5.8]

DT Eddie Goldman 

New Money: 4 years 42 million/24 guaranteed [10 SB, 10 guaranteed salary, 4 RB]
Old Money: 1 year 1.2 million
Total: 5 year 43 million/24 guaranteed

Year 1: 5 guaranteed salary, 2 SB [7] *5.8 in new 2018 money
Year 2: 5 guaranteed salary, 2 SB, 2 RB [9]
Year 3: 6 salary, 2 SB, 2 RB [10]
Year 4: 6 salary, 2 SB  [8]
Year 5: 7 salary, 2 SB [9]

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Free Agency [19]

WR Jarvis Landry [Miami] 5 years 67.5 million/32 guaranteed [10 SB, 10 guaranteed salary, 12 Roster Bonus] [Jeffery-D.Adams]

This argument has gone around and around and there are some clear negatives, but for me the positives out weigh those and Landry gives the Bears the most reliable and productive target that can be added to help Trubisky. There a couple important factors that I look at and that make me okay with over paying Landry a little, the first is that he is super reliable. He has never missed a game and the Bears need someone who will be there every week as they develop some younger players like Shaheen, Cohen and a draft pick at WR. Nagy goes 3 WR 90% of the game and he targets the slot a lot in his offense, which means that you are not forcing Landry on to the field and you are not manufacturing his place in the offense he fits the offense as it is constructed. Over their careers Landry has been as productive as Jeffery and Devante Adams so I think that he is going to be somewhere between the 2.

Year 1: 7 million guaranteed salary , 2 SB [9]
Year 2: 3 million guaranteed salary, 2 SB, 12 Roster Bonus [17]
Year 3: 12 salary, 2 SB [14] 
Year 4: 12 salary , 2 SB [14]
Year 5: 11.5 salary, 2 SB [13.5]


WR Brice Butler [Dallas] 3 years 9 million/3.5 guaranteed [1.5 SB, 2 RB] [Russell Sheppard]

With most of the free agent budget going to Landry the other WR signing needs to be more economical. The Bears need to add some outside speed and at 6'3" 220lbs and with 4.35 speed Butler has the speed to take the top off a defense, even if he is not a polished WR. Butler has said he wants a chance to start and in Chicago he gets that. I do not expect him to replicate his 21 YPC from last season, but he should give the Bears some size and speed on the outside and at a price tag that he can be replaced if he struggles or a younger player steps up.

Year 1: 1 salary, .5 SB, [1.5]
Year 2: 2 salary, .5 SB, 1 RB [3.5]
Year 3: 3 salary, .5 SB, 1 RB [4.5]


OG Zach Fulton [Kansas City] 4 years 16 million/6 guaranteed [2 SB, 2 guaranteed salary, 2 RB] [Stefen Wiskneiwski]

The Bears have a ton of question marks on the OL and they need to cover themselves. Long is having 3 surgeries this offseason, Kush is coming back from a devastating hamstring injury, and Sitton is not going to be on the team a lot longer. The last thing the Bears can do in the "Season of Mitch" is be forced to play a Grasu level talent. The OL should be the most stable part of the offense. Fulton can play C and G he has over 50 starts in this system at the 2 positions and can come in and compete, backup, and eventually start at any of those positions. Fulton also played for Hiestand in college and should make an even stronger connection. Ideally, Fulton is a super backup in 2018 and then can start at LG in 2019 when Sitton is gone.

Year 1: 2 guaranteed salary, .5 SB [2.5]
Year 2: 2 salary, .5 SB, 2 roster bonus [4.5] *Should take over for Sitton
Year 3: 4 salary,.5 SB [4.5]
Year 4: 4 salary,.5 SB [4.5]


TE Ed Dickson [Carolina] 3 years 10.5 million/3.5 guaranteed [1.5 SB, 2 RB] [James Hanna-Rhett Ellison]

The Bears have young and intriguing players at TE in Shaheen and Brown, but they need some sort of veteran stability. Shaheen is about to get triple the amount of targets and there is risk with that. Dickson is coming off a 400 yard season in Carolina, he knows Helfrich from their time at Oregon, and he can provide veteran stability at a price that he can not play if Shaheen and Brown play well. The Bears should not expose themselves too much with the youth movement on offense.

Year 1: 2 salary, .5 SB, [2.5]
Year 2: 2 salary, .5 SB, 1 RB [3.5]
Year 3: 3 salary, .5 SB, 1 RB [4.5]


OLB Aaron Lynch [San Francisco] 2 years 5 million/1 guaranteed [1 SB] [Alex Okafor]

The Bears need to add some bodies to the OLB spot, the real improvement will have to come from the draft. Lynch has the physical tools to be a starting OLB and he showed it his first couple of seasons in the NFL, but in the last 2 years he has disappeared off the map. Lynch is a Fangio reclamation project to see if he can get something from him. At 25 Lynch is young enough that a career resurgence cannot be totally ruled out.

Year 1: 1 guaranteed salary, .5 SB [1.5]
Year 2: 3 salary, .5 SB, 2 roster bonus [3.5] *Cut if he does not play well and come in shape


K Graham Gano [Carolina] 3 years 10 million/5 guaranteed [3 SB, 2 RB]

Pace has bungled the kicking situation worse than any other position. He needs to fix it by adding an actual accomplished vet. Gano has a big leg and should be able to come in and not get overwhelmed by the elements at Soldier Field.

Year 1: 1 salary, 1 SB, [2]
Year 2: 1 salary, 1 SB, 2 RB [5]
Year 3: 2 salary, 1 SB [3]


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Draft [8 million]

1[8] OLB Trumain Edmunds [Virginia Tech] 6’5” 250lbs.

I am not sure what Edmunds is in terms of position. I am not sure how Fangio would use him, but I trust Fangio to take a big super athlete and use him in some interesting and effective ways. Edmunds has played off the ball for Virginia Tech, he has rushed the passer, and been used frequently in coverage. I can see Fangio taking him and using him in these ways. Rushing the passer on obvious 3rd downs, playing ILB in short yardage and run downs, covering the Gronkwoski and Kelces of the world on some passing downs and generally just being used to terrorize offenses. Edmunds is 19 and has every single physical tool you could ask for and sky high potential, even if he does not fit one position perfectly. I could see him used like Donta Hightower in NE.


2[39] OT Tyrell Crosby [Oregon] 6’5” 319lbs.

With the addition of Landry I do not think the Bears have to add a WR here that can play in 2018. I think they can wait and lean on Landry and address another position of need in the draft, OT. The free agent OTs are not good and while Leno and Massie are average starters, the Bears should look to upgrade over Massie specifically in pass protection. This offense runs at its best when it does not have to help the OTs in pass protection and can instead flood the routes. Crosby has the size, length and pass blocking ability to step in quickly at RT and upgrade the Bears pass protection. He showed this at the Senior Bowl and the connection to Helfrich is obvious. Crosby also gives the Bears a player that can step in at LT if Leno is injured, something they do not currently have on the roster. 


4. CB Jordan Wyatt [SMU] 5'11" 195lbs.

The Bears bringing back Fuller and Prince is very important, but even with them and Callahan back the Bears need to add someone with the size and upside to step in on the outside in case of injury and long term for Prince. Wyatt has the ball skills that the Bears are lacking [4 int] and he can come in and work with Donatell and be used as the primary backup on the edge and as a long term starter for Prince. Donatell and Fangio has a lot of success in SF developing day 3 picks into starts CBs in their system.


4. WR D.J Chark [LSU] 6'3" 185lbs.

By adding Landry and Butler the Bears have taken care of the starting 3 WRs, but they still do not have a lot in the 4th spot and they need someone worthy of some developmental reps. Chark has size and speed and was lost in a putrid LSU passing attack. With better QB play he flashed an ability to get deep at the Senior Bowl. Chark might be a one trick pony right now, but that is something Nagy has used in KC. Chark gives the Bears a player that can threaten defense deep in case Butler is injured or ineffective. There is long term starting upside with Chark that can be developed.


5. NT Justin Jones [NC State] 6'2" 320lbs.

The Bears do not have enough depth on the DL and it leads to Hicks and Goldman playing too many snaps. The Bears need to add a young backup NT that is worthy of taking some snaps and keeping those guys fresh for more pass rush downs. Jones is a big powerful man who flashed some overwhelming power at the Senior Bowl. Jones should be able to step in day 1 and give the Bears run reps and short yardage reps. 


6. QB Luke Falk [Washington St] 6’4” 217lbs.
I expect that the Bears will add a young QB to the room and see if they can develop some value behind Mitch. Maybe Falk turns into a tradeable asset, maybe he becomes a long term backup, either way it is worth it to see what you can do. Falk does not have elite physical tools, but he has a big enough arm and he is accurate. He is well versed in some of the spread/air raid concepts that the Bears are going to run and if you are developing one young QB you might as well have a 2nd one doing the drills beside him.


7. RB Darrel Williams [LSU] 6’ 228lbs.

I do not look at Cohen or Cunningham as guys who can carry the ball 20 times a game and if Howard is injured the Bears do not really have someone with his style that can handle the carries he gets. Williams has the size and power to fill in for Howard and keep the offense running similarly. Williams is also a surprisingly good catcher of the football for a player his size and might have a little more potential in this offense that likes to throw to the RBs.


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Depth Chart

QB: Trubisky, Sanchez, Falk
RB: Howard, Cohen, Cunningham, Williams
WR: Meredith, Butler, Landry, Chark, White                     *With Cohen I do not think they need a 6th WR.
TE: Shaheen, Dickson, Brown
LT: Leno
LG: Sitton, Morgan
C: Whitehair, Kush
RG: Long, Fulton
RT: Crosby, Massie

RE: Bullard, RRH
NT: Goldman, Jones
LE: Hicks, Unrien
OLB: Floyd, Lynch, Acho
ILB: Trevathan, Timu
ILB: Kwiatowski, Jones
OLB: Edmunds, Houston
CB: Fuller, Amukamara, Wyatt, Callahan, Leblanc, McManis
SS: Amos, Demps
FS: Jackson, Hall

K: Gano
P: O'Donnell
LS: Scales

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One injury to WR and we are once again up a creak without a paddle.  two injuries to WRs and Mitch's development is ruined another year.  But other than that I have made my peace with laundry and hope the bears land him.  I like Edmunds with the first pick and Luke Faulk in the 6th would be great.     

Edited by Rogerthat

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I'd add Justin Ellis in FA if possible, but I love Chark in the 4th round and Falk in round 6 (although I'm not sure he's going to fall that far).

I'd bring Kendall Wright back as well.

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I like Chark as well but don’t see him making it to the 4th round even though I agree that’s his value. Watch him on film and he FLIES. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him be sub-4.3 at the combine, and if he does that he’s getting overdrafted by someone, especially after a big Senior Bowl. Not John Ross overdrafted, but 2nd day for sure. 

More and more I’ve been leaning Pace giving Morgan a year with Hiestand before a significant add at G. He was a FBS all-American and clearly has tools. Him being a viable starter by 2019 with 2 more years on a rookie deal has so much long term value. 

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Edmunds isn't one of my ideal targets for our 1st, and I'm skeptical Chark will make it to the 4th.... but I'd be very happy with this draft overall...


If I was to tweak it for my preferences I'd change:

1. Ridley-WR or Vea-DL (Depending on whether we wanted offensive or defensive help)

3. (Trading a 4th and the 5th) Chark-WR  (again, not thinking he's gonna be there by the 4th)

4. Kallen Ballage-RB (big back, extremely good hands catching)


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Would a Kendal Wright be affordable under this scenario. I know you have 5 WR on the roster but Kevin White is a trip to IR so there is basically only 4 Wr on this roster and one more gets hurt and your calling josh Bellemy and tanner Gentry in week one of the season. Pace cant let that happen. 

Edited by Rogerthat

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You could afford Wright as well. I have been very liberal with what guys will be re-signed for.

But at the same time I expect that Cohen will get snaps at WR, but someone probably should be added for when White breaks something getting into his car.

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