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Testing out a new tool...need some feedback


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So as I've let you guys know recently, I've been working on the threshold data for Dallas' athletic preferences during the draft. What they look for in height, weight, 40, vertical, etc. at every position. Trying to figure out what is the absolute lowest, highest, and mean average Dallas has selected over the last decade in each athletic test.

I've begun playing with a tool that I'd like some feedback on. It is a calculator that tells you how the player fits Dallas' mold for a position.

Here is the calculator: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1X8J7l2wdkFuomI_t8erKwzQDxKMbGc3dRZDWFT7Xc14

What you will do is save the calculator, open it on a computer (phones don't work for some reason) and then fill in the data in the second column. The box should change colors to reflect how the athletic trait measures up against Dallas' preferences. This particular calculator is only for edge rushers.

Feedback appreciated!

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