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Bobby Hart (ex-Giants' RT) Signs With Bengals!

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As a Giants' fan I wish the Bengals and their fans, best of luck!

They may not have the talent, but they've got the Hart.

If you're looking for a replacement for Andrew Whitworth, well, uhhhhhh.........

If you're looking for a pudgy right tackle who proclaimed himself the "best in the league", played poorly, and quit on the team, you're in luck!

That ended a difficult season for the Giants’ 2015 seventh-round pick. Before the season began he told media he felt like the best right tackle in the league. He then suffered through an awful season. He injured an ankle early in the season, played in only 10 games with seven starts, and did not play well. He finished with a Pro Football Focus grade of 37.4, 74th among 81 qualifying tackles.


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2 hours ago, THE DUKE said:

For some reason I read this as Bret Hart the first 3 times I read it


More like a cross of Bobby the Brain Heenan and Jimmy Hart.  Which will be appropriate.  He won't do anything but run his mouth (he is, after all, the self proclaimed best RT in the NFL)

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I can't type

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16 hours ago, Beck Bristow said:

Cheap guy who has started in the league and may benefit from a change of scenery. Probably doesn't make the 53 but worth a look.

This is how i feel about it.

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