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Leisher's Quick hit Mock draft (Sorry, no pictures.)


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2018 Cap Space:  $19,250,000

Trade:  Cobb and 4th rd pick #110 to Cleveland Browns for 2nd rd pick #64.  +$9,500,000 Cap

Restructures:  Bak  (Extend and offer more guaranteed $)  +$4,500,000 Cap,  Nelson (Extend 2yrs and more guaranteed $)  +$5,000,000,  CMJ (Extend 2yrs and more guaranteed $)  +$5,000,000,  Rodgers (Extend and hugh guaranteed $)  +$2,500,000.  +$17,000,000.  (Ball will figure out the details, not me.)

New 2018 Cap Space:  $45,750,000

Cuts:  Bulaga +$5,100,000,  Rollins +$800,000.  +$5,900,000

New 2018 Cap Space:  $51,650,000  -$6,000,000 (Draft Picks)  $45,650,000

Resigns:  years/total $/Guaranteed $/Cap hit.    Morgan Burnett  3/27/7/$7m,  Quinton Dial 2/4/0/$2m    -$9,000,000 

Outside FA's:  Aaron Colvin CB 4/20/0/$5m, Ja'Wuan James RT 4/20/0/$5m, Trent Murphy OLB 1/4/0/$4m, Luke Wilson TE 3/12/0/$4m, Blaine Gabbert QB 2/6/0/$3m, Tramon Williams CB 1/3/0/$3m,  Alex Okafor DE 2/18/0/$8m, Colin Kaepernick QB 1/1/0/$1m (Non-guaranteed)  -$33,000,000.

Final 2018 Cap Space:  $3,650,000

2018 Mock Draft.  (Used Fanspeak.com simulator, NFL Mock Big Board and Team needs, I tired not to reach on my picks until rds 5 on down.)    IMO Team needs:  Edge, OL, TE, WR, DB

#14.  Calvin Ridley WR  Alabama  (Adams, Nelson, Ridley)

#45.  Rashaan Evans  Edge/ILB  Alabama  (Will focus more on Edge, grooming for CMJ's position)

#64.  Billy Price C/G  Ohio St.  (Price and James form new right side of OL)

#72.  Dallas Goedert TE  S. Dakota St.  (Kendricks, Wilson, and Goedert)

Comp.  Josey Jewell ILB  Iowa  (Replaces Joe Thomas)

#141.  Dorian O'Daniel  Edge/CB/S/ST  Clemson  (Offers Flexibility)

Comp.  Kentavius Street Edge/DL  NC St.  (Again, player that can move around some.)

Comp.  J'Mon Moore WR  Missouri  (Adams, Nelson, Ridley, Moore)

Comp.  Equanimeous St. Brown WR  Notre Dame  (WR looks good now, Adams, Nelson, Ridley, Moore, St. Brown, Davis, Allison) (2019 Adams, Ridley, Moore and St. Brown could be solid group.)

#172.  John Kelly RB  Tenneessee  (Williams, Jones, Ripkowski, Montgomery, Maye and Kelly battle it out for 5 spots)

#213.  Siran Neal CB/S/RS/ST  Jacksonville St.  (ST player that could offer help in the DB field)

Comp.  Austin Corbett C/G/T  Nevada  (Another one of my favorite players, can play all 5 OL positions)




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13 hours ago, Golfman said:

Any draft that doesn't address pass rushing before the 4th round is a loser with me. Alex Okafor is not the answer in free agency either. 

Sorry, I should have added this also,  I can live with or without Okafor, just a different name to throw into the discussions.

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23 hours ago, ArthurPensky said:

If the packers got Goedert at 72, I'd be both very surprised and very happy.

I would be top, considering some are saying he could go late 1st.  I like Fanspeak but it seems whenever you do it they have guys fall really far.

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On 2/19/2018 at 10:31 AM, jleisher said:

Evans is an Edge Rusher, he was moved to ILB last season.  He offers the same as CMJ does, but is younger.  O'Daniel and Street can offer more as well.  Thanks for your input.

He's too small to be an effectivce EDGE rusher in the NFL IMO. Which is why no one is projecting him there. I think he can be a heck of a player, but I worry if he's got the mental acuity to be a top notch NFL player. Reminds me a bit of Torrence Marshall. 

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I actually like the Cobb trade. It makes sense for both side, Cobb adds some much needed depth and GB picks up a much needed depth.

I don't like either FA QB, I think Hundley is better than both of them.

I'm curious, who was available at 14? I don't think Ridley is capable of being a true No. 1, so I'd rather not spend a top 14 pick on a position that can be easily filled in the second round.

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Do we really want to cut Rollins? He's still on a cheap rookie deal right? Like the rest of the in-house action.

As for the FA action, I'm hit or miss, I have no problem with Colvin and James, but Trent Murphy will probably get more than $4m a year and I'm not sure he's the kind of player we want. Like the Luke Wilson addition and can live with Blaine Gabbert as a backup(Kaep will not be signed). Not too sure Okafor's a good fit for us and Tramon Williams was washed up 2 years before we let him walk.

I'm going to ignore the first pick here as it is not only a reach but it doesn't satisfy a need we clearly have and we need to pick for need here to give Pettine the guys he needs. CMIII was fairly successful rushing as an ILB so Evans may be a nice fit on certain pressure packages. I'm ok with Billy Price as well.

I'm glad you included Josey Jewell. Clearly you also saw the NFL.com article where scouts felt he was a good fit for us. Kinda hoped someone would mock him so we could have a discussion. I think he's a good player and have seen enough of him live to know he can excel at the next level. Not sure he's a fit for us, but wouldn't be upset if we drafted him. 

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