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DP8017’s Top 5 Positional Rankings


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7 minutes ago, pnies20 said:

The TE class is sneaky good.

Yeah, there's no insane top 10 talent, but there's a lot of solid players to be had in the 2nd-4th, and I'm sure at least one of them will surprise and turn into a top 10 guy at the position someday.

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Pretty decent rankings IMO, at least until the Combine or Pro Days change some things!!!

Only a few changes I would make:

I would rate Brown over McGlinchey, I never completely trust OLmen who play beside another great pro prospect like Nelson!!! Brown at worst, will be a great RT.

I think Crosby will have a real fight on his hands keeping Brian O'Neill, Branden Smith or Brandon Parker from taking the #5 spot.

I would definitely rate Daniels over Price although Price is a solid prospect. Daniels is one of the best OC's I have seen in awhile.

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