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Cincinnati Reds Thread - Surprisingly Competitive


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Having fun yet?


I'll stop by every once in awhile, but lately, the Reds have been nothing more than a bridge to get me from the NCAA tourney to the start of training camp.  August is a waste.  Let's skip straight to September call-ups

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After only hitting 2 HR the entire year so far in AAA, Jesse Winker unloads a bomb to RC in only his 3rd start in the bigs this year over something like 4 different callups.  Almost had another one too.  Winker believers say the power is going to come eventually as he gets further away from his wrist injuries.  Perhaps they were right.

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43 minutes ago, INbengalfan said:

Here's hoping that Winker is a stud, and that the team starts keeping core guys at the end of contracts instead of trading them away and being caught in a perpetual rebuild.

We keep guys, it just falls apart when 2 of them are hurt for years on end like Homer Bailey and Devin Mesoraco.  Injuries have also gutted the starting pitching in general the last two years.  Bob Stephenson's last start was a good one, we really need him to start having more of those and be a reliable contributor. 

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On 8/11/2017 at 10:29 AM, THE DUKE said:

Nick Senzel hitting .341/.396/.551 in AA through 44 games now.  He's hitting .389/.421/.694 in 9 August games after hitting .358/.414/.575 in 27 games in July.  The kid is just a special hitter.

He is on fire.  i wonder what ultimately ends up happening with Suarez.  he's one of my favorites right now.

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Going into next year I don't see how they keep Castillo, Stephenson, and Romano out of it.  Homer is guaranteed a spot as long as he is healthy, and if by some miracle both Desclafani and Finnegan are healthy to start next year, I think Finnegan gets the Iglesias treatment and goes to the bullpen.  The more likely scenario is that neither is ready though and the Reds are scrambling to fill the 5th spot.   The options would be:

  • Amir Garrett (who seems to have regained his lost velo over his past 2-3 starts)
  • Tyler Mahle (I think they keep him down until June to get the extra year, he's only 23 next season)
  • Cody Reed
  • Rookie Davis
  • Jackson Stephens
  • Tim Adleman
  • Asher Wojciechowski
  • Another backend vet guy like Scott Feldman was this year, which was working well until he too got hurt

So in the end, I think we end up with:

  • Luis Castillo
  • Homer Bailey
  • Robert Stephenson
  • Sal Romano
  • Amir Garrett

to start next year, and then be it through injury or poor performance by one of the bottom 3 guys, we see Mahle come up for good in late May/early June.

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I think Adleman would be perfect for the long relief role.  He's usually very effective the first time through the lineup as his average stuff plays up with good deception in his delivery.  The second time through he gets hit a lot harder, and if he makes it a third time through he gets destroyed.  So having him in a 2-3 IP long relief role seems just about right.

Wojo I bet ends up in the AAA bullpen.  He's a guy that is going to have to continuously prove himself.

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More great starts by Romano and Stephenson over the weekend.  They along with Castillo have pretty much secured spots in the rotation in the spring, with Mahle starting in AAA to play the service time game.  Hopefully 2 of 3 of Bailey, Disco, and Finnegan are healthy to start the year then the Reds have a shot at quasi competent starting pitching in 2018. 

Deck McGuire has looked good in relief as well, he might be able to stick on the 40 man with a real shot of opening next year in the bullpen if he keeps up what he has done over the last week.

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