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NCAA Recruiting Thread

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1 hour ago, RandyMossIsBoss said:

Looks like Lively is going to Duke. Don’t get why UK can’t land a top big. Cal’s got track record. AD, Towns, Noel, Cousins, 4 big time recruits who were AA caliber and got picked high, 3 of which also had NBA success. Skal the lone blemish, but turning WCS into top 10 pick should make up for that. Cals got good track record. Probably because you’re not gonna be shooting 3s here as a 7 footer, which guys think will kill their stock (which I don’t think is true, Ayton went #1 well into this 3 happy, small ball era).

You guys will land Bona, the two best bigs just wanted to go to Duke.

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Since Scheyer has taken over he has landed: 

• Dereck Lively: #2 overall player in 2022

• Dariq Whitehead: #5 overall player in 2022

• Kyle Filipowski: #8 overall player in 2022

• Jaden Schutt: #52 overall player in 2022

• Caleb Foster: #13 overall player in 2023

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9 minutes ago, TitanSlim said:

Wooo that’s big time. I really thought he was UK bound. Scheyer is on a unbelievable recruiting run.

Looks like a question of when not if with JJ Starling as well, if Duke doesn't land him though I think Caleb Foster comes in 2022. 

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