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03/09/18 Update: DoleINGout's Mock Offseason - Rate and Review!


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*MIA trade Ryan Tannehill to ARI for 2019 2nd Round Pick

*SEA trade Earl Thomas to CLE for pick 65

*MIA trade Jarvis Landry & pick 73 to CHI for pick 39 & 115

*NYG trade pick 2 to DEN for picks 5, 40, & DEN 2019 2nd Round Pick

*IND trade pick 3 to MIA for picks 11, 39 & 42

*NYG trade pick 5 to BUF for picks 21, 22, 121, & 2019 3rd Round Pick

*SEA trade pick 18 to NE for Derek Rivers and picks 31 & 63

*PHI trade Vinny Curry to CLE for pick 101


1. S. Barkley - RB, CLE

2. S. Darnold - QB, DEN*

3. B. Mayfield - QB, MIA*

4. J. Allen - QB, CLE

5. J. Rosen - QB, BUF**

6. B. Chubb - OLB/DE, NYJ

7. M. Davenport - OLB/DE, TB

8. Q. Nelson - LG, CHI

9. C. Ridley - WR, SF

10. V. Vea - NT, OAK

11. T. Edmunds - ILB, IND*

12. M. McGlinchey - LT, CIN

13. D. Ward - CB, WAS

14. H. Landry - OLB, GB

15. C. Sutton - WR, ARI

16. M. Fitzpatrick - FS, BAL

17. R. Smith - MLB, LAC

18. M. Rudolph - QB, NE*

19. L. Carter - OLB, DAL

20. D. Payne - DT, DET

21. D. Guice - RB, NYG*

22. L. Jackson - QB, NYG*

23. S. Hubbard - OLB, LAR

24. L. Vander Esch - OLB, CAR

25. D. James Jr. - SS, TEN

26. M. Hughes - CB/KR, ATL

27. R. Evans - MLB, NO

28. R. Harrison - FS, PIT

29. W. Hernandez - LG, JAX

30. T. Bryan - DT, MIN

31. J. Alexander - CB, SEA*

32. C. Williams - LT, PHI


*CLE trade picks 35 & 123 to ARI for picks 47 & 79


33. K. Miller - RT, CLE

34. T. Crosby - LT, NYG

35. O. Brown Jr. - LT, ARI*

36. C. Davis - CB, IND

37. F. Daniels - C, NYJ

38. A. Key - DE, TB

39. B. Smith - RT, IND**

40. B. Price - RG/C, NYG*

41. S. Michel - RB, OAK

42. F. Ragnow - LG, IND*

43. H. Phillips - NT, NE

44. N. Chubb - RB, WAS

45. M. Andrews - TE, GB

46. I. Wynn - LG, CIN

47. J. Jackson - CB, CLE*

48. O. Okoronkwo - OLB, LAC

49. D. Chark - WR, NYJ

50. M. Gesicki - TE, DAL

51. L. Wallace - CB, DET

52. J. Jones - RT, BAL

53. I. Oliver - CB, BUF

54. A. Miller - WR, KC

55. R. Jones II - RB, CAR

56. E. Saint Brown - WR, BUF

57. D. Johnson - CB, TEN

58. M. Rankin - LG/RT, ATL

59. D. Goedert - TE, SF

60. U. Nwosu - OLB, PIT

61. H. Hurst - TE, JAX

62. C. Okorafor - RG, MIN

63. A. Watts - SS, SEA*

64. D. O'Brian - OLB, CLE


65. M. Allen - FS, SEA*

66. M. Gallup - WR, NYG

67. J. Washington - WR, IND

68. B. O'Neill - LT, HOU

69. A. Corbett - LG, TB

70. D. Hand - DE, SF

71. R. Freeman - RB, DEN

72. K. Johnson - RB, NYJ

73. R. McIntosh - DE, CHI*

74. B. Hill - NT, SF

75. K. Lauletta - QB, OAK

76. C. Kirk - WR/KR, GB

77. K. Benkurt - QB, CIN

78. K. Toliver II - CB, KC

79. M. Ateman - WR, CLE*

80. T. Settle - NT, HOU

81. T. McFadeen - CB, DAL

82. J. Reid - SS, DET

83. R. Penny - RB, BAL

84. M. Cole - C, LAC

85. L. Falk - QB, CAR

86. D. Leonard - ILB, KC

87. D. Moore - WR/PR, LAR

88. D. Elliott - FS, CAR

89. A. Tate - WR, TEN

90. T. Fumagalli - TE, SEA*

91. R. Green - DE, NO

92. D. Reed - CB, PIT

93. M. Stewart - NB, JAX

94. T. Quinn - WR, MIN

95. C. Herndon - TE, NE

96. D. Nnadi - NT, BUF

97. J. Sweat - DE, ARI

98. S. Welsh - RG, HOU

99. I. Thomas - TE, DEN

100. D. Smythe - TE, CIN



D. Brees, Saints

C. Keenum, Broncos

K. Cousins, Jets

J. McCown, Jets

T. Savage, Texans

M. Glennon, Cardinals

S. Bradford, Vikings

G. Smith, Jaguars

T. Bridgewater, Vikings

A. McCarron, Browns



L. Bell, Steelers

C. Hyde, Buccaneers

D. Lewis, 49ers

J. McKinnon, Giants

F. Gore, Vikings

C. Grant, Jaguars

A. Morris, Broncos

A. Blue, 49ers

B. Oliver, Cardinals

M. Davis, Seahawks

T. Ward, Falcons

D. Williams, Colts

K. Williams, Patriots

L. Blount, Texans

E. Lacy, Chargers

I. Crowell, Colts

R. Burkhead, Patriots

D. Sproles, Chiefs

A. Ellington, Dolphins

J. Hill, Cowboys

Z. Line, Patriots

A. Sherman, Bears



A. Robinson, Bears

S. Watkins, Rams

A. Wilson, Bears

M. Lee, Raiders

P. Richardson, Redskins

M. Wallace, Panthers

T. Jones, Colts

K. Wright, Falcons

C. Latimer, Lions

D. Amendola, Patriots

R. Grant, Jets

E. Decker, Titans

B. Bersin, Bills

B. Quick, Redskins

T. Gabriel, 49ers

A. Humphries, Ravens

B. Butler, Rams

Ja. Brown, Ravens

J. Brown, Steelers

J. Matthews, Jaguars

T. Pryor, Browns

M. Slater, Patriots



T. Burton, Colts

A. Gates, Saints

T. Eifert, Broncos

Z. Miller, Saints

N. Sterling, Jets

D. Fells, Lions

S. McGrath, Chargers

L. Toilolo, Bears

J. Graham, Dolphins



N. Solder, Patriots

C. Lucas, Texans

C. Fleming, Texans

C. Hubbard, Browns

G. Gilliam, 49ers

L. Joeckel, Dolphins



A. Norwell, Giants

R. Jensen, Buccaneers

J. Kline, Falcons

J. Sitton, Texans

S. Fusco, Titans

J. Pugh, Jaguars

E. Smith, Packers

J. Evans, Ravens

S. Long, Redskins



M. Paradis, Broncos

J. Sullivan, Rams

W. Richburg, Bills

M. Person, 49ers

Z. Fulton, Redskins

B. Jones, Giants

R. Bodine, Bengals

T. Barnes, 49ers



D. Lawrence, Cowboys

D. Jordan, Seahawks

J. Galette, Redskins

S. Barrett, Broncos

Z. Ansah, Lions

W. Hayes, Raiders

T. Carradine, 49ers

P. McPhee, Titans

K. Martin, Cardinals

K. Ealy, Jets

J. Peppers, Panthers

M. Longacre, Rams

A. Okafor, Saints

A. Clayborn, Falcons

B. Mingo, Colts

B. Mayowa, Cowboys

T. Murphy, Redskins



S. Richardson, Falcons

M. Unrein, Buccaneers

D. Irving, Cowboys

J. Ellis, Chiefs

D. Jones, Jets

B. Urban, Titans

X. Williams, Cardinals

M. Wilkerson, Packers

D. Poe, Redskins

A. Blackson, Bears

J. Jenkins, Chiefs

D. Autry, Raiders

H. Ngata, Panthers

B. Allen, Vikings

J. Bromley, Giants

S. Stephen, Vikings

B. Logan, Chargers

S. Lotulelei, Cardinals



D. Davis, Jets

A. Williamson, Jaguars

N. Bowman, Raiders

Z. Brown, Redskins

P. Brown, Patriots

P. Posluszny, Titans

A. Hitchens, Cowboys

N. Bradham, Eagles

K. Toomer, Chargers

T. Whitehead, Lions

T. Davis, Broncos

J. Bynes, Cardinals

D. Johnson, Bears

J. Bostic, Colts

K. Dansby, Rams



E. Gaines, Jets

R. Sherman, Patriots

P. Robinson, Cardinals

N. Robey-Coleman, Packers

R. Melvin, Packers

K. Fuller, Bears

T. Carrie, Raiders

B. Callahan, Bears

T. Newman, Vikings

T. Williams, Cardinals

B. Grimes, Colts

R. Cockrell, Titans

P. Amukamara, Texans

M. Butler, 49ers

J. Coleman, Seahawks

Q. Dunbar, Redskins

B. Breeland, Buccaneers

A. Colvin, 49ers

T. Johnson, Browns

J. Joseph, Lions

V. Davis, Bills



L. Joyner, Rams

T. Branch, Cardinals

T. Boston, Chargers

K. Vacarro, Texans

E. Reid, Patriots

R. Allen, Falcons

S. Terrell, Chiefs

C. Davis, Rams

B. McDougald, Seahawks

M. Thomas, Dolphins

E. Pleasant, Texans

M. Burnett, Buccaneers

M. Gilchrist, Steelers

R. Nelson, Raiders

T. Ward, Packers

C. Graham, Eagles

K. McGill II, Raiders

T. Brooks, Jets


101. PHI*

102. NYG

103. HOU

104. IND

105. CHI

106. DEN

107. NYJ

108. TB

109. DEN

110. OAK

111. LAR

112. CIN

113. WAS

114. GB

115. MIA*

116. DAL

117. DET

118. BAL

119. LAC

120. ATL*

121. NYG*

122. KC

123. ARI*

124. KC

125. TEN

126. ATL

127. NO

128. SF

129. JAX

130. MIA

131. PHI

132. PHI

133. GB

134. ARI

135. NYG

136. NE

137. DAL

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2 hours ago, Deadpulse said:

I dont think they let both Lewis and Burkhead leave, but I like the idea of brining in Line if they do. However, for the love of god, keep Blount away

Thanks for making this a thread. I was hesitant to do so myself because it seems like things are organized into these general threads.


I'm a big advocate for Zach Line as well. I really like what he could potentially add to the offense as a dynamic receiver/blocker out of the backfield. I'm not a big proponent of Blount as a major asset on offense but I think he is a good teammate that likes being with the Patriots so it's good karma on top of backup running duties. In Blount's defense, I think they can pass to him a little more often to get defenses to respect the pass while he's on the field. I'm not advocating to make Blount a feature by any means, but a little variety would probably go a ways.

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I would expect the 2018 cap hits to be approximately:










After the name of releases and these signings, the Pats are roughly left with $5.5mil for draft picks. Restructure a few contracts on the roster to guarentee money next year or incentivize for a little more space to work with. I figure realistically enough to cover all rookie contracts and be under the cap. Trading Gronkowski and signing Suh would be a wash. Suh can get a 3 year deal with $11 mil in 2018 almost fully guarenteed. 2019 and '20 cap hits go up to $14 and &15 million. Next year Gostkowski is likely gone and potentially Chris Hogan and Brandin Cooks are too. If Brady retires after next season, that is a chunk of cap space back as well. If he doesn't retire, you've got a team primed for back-to-back runs in '18 and '19 after having been to three Super Bowls between '17, '16, and '14 seasons. Fans should be fine with that.

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