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Why is Equanimeous St. Brown NOT a consensus 1st round pick?

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11 hours ago, Broncofan said:

To be clear though attitude only dings you so much.   Callaway has 1st round talent but an even riskier profile than ESB.   And he still went in the 4th.   

I think ESB should have been drafted ahead of a lot of guys who went Day 3 (Simmie Cobbs Jr.  too).  But it’s hard to say he was a 1st round talent.  Day 2 might have been a stretch TBH.  

Antonio Callaway isn't just a 1st round talent.  He's a Hall of Fame talent IMO.  There's a significant gap between him and St. Brown. 

With that said, ultimately what you do in the league matters more than where you are drafted.  I think when its all said and done, people will look at St. Bown as a player who should have gone in the 1st round.  I'm pretty confident that he will be a perennial Pro Bowl WR.

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I thought he was a pretty good WR with the tools you look for.  He really rounded his routes and had a limited route tree.  But he had length, speed and hands.  I thought his atrocious QB play really hurt him and teams would see that and he'd go in 2-3.  I didn't know any of this diva stuff though.  That, combined with his lack of lateral movement and routes really hurt him.  Now that he's a Packer, I have to hope he doesn't materialize into a star lol. 

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