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2017 Houston Texans Rookies


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D’Onta Foreman will run hard, if nothing else. After watching him on the goal line on Friday and in some scrimmaging/team drills today, that dude has not spent one ounce of time dancing or trying to juke anyone. He’s making defenders pay a toll for trying to tackle him.


11. Deshaun Watsonicon-article-link.gif showed what he could do a few plays later as he converted a key third down to earn more reps in his series. On that third down, he got some pressure and moved out of the pocket. Knowing it was third down, he didn’t scramble all the way downfield, but just out of the pocket. As such, he found Tyler Ervin just as a defender was closing in on him and completed the pass to move the chain, as Marc Vandermeer often says.

12. The next play, Watson scrambled all the way out and by scrambled, I mean took off like a shot up the field. He ran the ball plenty at Clemson on designed runs and it was evident that he could scoot. That’s not going to happen much, if at all, here in Houston but that doesn’t mean he’s lost a step. When he ran today, wow, he was picking ‘em up and layin’ ‘em down, that’s for sure.


23. I remember seeing rookie tackle Julien Davenport at the Senior Bowl in pass rush 1-on-1s and I wondered whether he could hold up against NFL rushers. He certainly has a long way to go, but I’ve seen him keep a number of different pass rushers at bay this training camp and he seems stronger than I first imagined. He’s made progress every single day and will continue to get better rapidly.



10. Cunningham’s not, seemingly, the traditional type of 3-4 linebacker but you can see flashes of his speed out on the field at times. He can cover some serious ground as he drops in coverage but also chasing ball carriers in the run game. He made a few plays running guys down from behind, where it appeared there was room to run and he made the play. I often wonder how defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel will employ his services as a rookie and beyond.


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