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2017 Season Thread

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The LBC    15

So, a few notes:

Got pinged on one of my Chargers newsfeeds yesterday that the team is targeting an October (most likely mid-October) return for Mike Williams.  It's a back injury, which are always tricky, so target date could very quickly turn into "date the finally just decide to put him on the IR."


Also, I talked with Annie last night and the convo just turned to some interesting stuff about how we both feel like the Spanii are artfully blowing their marketing and the amusement we both have at their shock that they weren't just received with sellouts in LA.  It fits with the Alex/Dean MO though - if you pay them/give them stuff, they will come... or so they think.  The team continues to insist on the market coming to them rather than going out to the market.  Annie confirmed that while the team certainly has plans for community outreach stuffs, they haven't done any yet in LA and even when they do it will likely be the same half-arsed, bare minimum level that they were doing (at a declining rate, at that) in San Diego.  And what's worse is she said the players have privately expressed dismay and frustration that the organization isn't organizing or doing more - the players want to, but the family thinks they're "doing a great job already."  Meanwhile the Rams already have been doing a ton of outreach and have a history of doing so back to both St. Louis and the Carroll Rosenbloom years in LA.

You want a model of how to properly roll out the welcome wagons as a new team in the market, look no further than what the Magic/Nomar/Mia Hamm/Ferrell consortium under the management of Peter Guber.  They went grassroots within the community and as someone who sits on the board of a non-profit who has reached out to them recently, they bent over backwards to not just help out but to ensure cultivating a working relationship with our organization.  To probably no one's surprise, the Spanos family has no idea what it's doing and is just letting ego steer the keel.

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kyle21121    7

It's tough. I am more pessimistic than usual before the season begins but it certainly can't be a write off yet. I understand what we have all been through as fans of this team over the years why people would feel this way but I don't think we can call it a season right now it would be foolish to do so. 

This is a talented team on paper we just need some things to break (or many things to not break) the right way and just see what this team can do. 

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DingoLadd    1

I mean one of these years enough lucks gotta go our way so that we can actually make the playoffs before Father time stops the flow of rivers.

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