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Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

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10 minutes ago, saintsfan said:

I thought I saw us having ~30mil in cap room after Brees deal. Quick math shows we should have (30mil -8mil -5mil -5.4mil = ~11-12mil left)

Mike Triplette told me on Twitter we "should" be around $13 mill after the Brees deal.

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Just now, jcvoodoo said:

So are you guys buds now?? xD

lol, I frequently get responses from all the beat writers. Jeff Duncan, Mike Triplette, Larry Holder, bunch more. Plus a little birdy I have inside the Saints facility who I will never name. Plus, Jonathan Vilma follows me and sometimes likes my posts xD You could say I am a pretty big deal.

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33 minutes ago, navysaintsfan said:

I have to admit, I'm intrigued by Ebron being available. Maybe worth a shot? Especially in an offense like NOLAs that wants to show TEs a lot of love.

Im a lil uneasy with the TE position...


Dont wanna overpay these FA

Dont wanna draft anyone in 1st round

Dont wanna keep Fleener!

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