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Reality: Joe Thomas Told Hue & Dorsey About Retirement a WK Before FA Started

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According to Joe Thomas on the Thomahawk show episode on his retirement decision, he told Hue Jackson and John Dorsey about his plans to retire last week before free agency or the tampering period begun in what was an emotional, tear filled meeting.

Therefore, to set the record straight, Joe Thomas DID NOT hold the organization hostage as some trash takers have suggested nor did he keep the team in the dark as some terrible reporters have suggested.

He did keep the info to himself as Dorsey said that by not having Joe's retirement news out there it put us in a better position to negotiate with FAs by being able to act as if we still had a chance to retain one of the best players on the team for which other players would love to play with, and we could tell agents we didn't have certain money available.

Therefore, the decision to "drag the decision on" was organizationally.

****For the record, I wouldn't have cared if Joe did keep the team in the dark as he deserved anything and everything in terms of time and space to make the decision.


We did not lose out on Nate Solder because of Joe Thomas "dragging the decision out; Solder and his reps knew Joe was not going to be there; however, Solder for whatever reaons tthat we are not privy to decided to sign with the Giants over  the Browns


Lessons for reactionary posters:

1. Perception is not reality

2. You don't know what is going on behind the scenes


Nothing pisses me off more than having to read the many twitter, reddit, and forum takes about Joe Thomas "holding the organization hostage, making it all about him, hurting our free agency chances with other players."

That was never the case and those that thought that are not able to grasp that Perception is Not Always Reality, that there were valid reasons for Joe to wait that were in the Best interest of the organization, namely it gave them a stronger position to negotiate from according to John Dorsey via the Joe's words on the Thomahawk Podcast

Here are such trash takes:

These same people hours later are praising Joe and hoping on that wave like hypocritical idiot.

Joe owed the organization nothing and should've been able to make the decision whenever he wanted without anyone saying not so much as a peeop about him negatively given all the sh** this guy has worked through over the years.


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1 hour ago, dawgdish said:

I had a feeling Joe & the front office probably knew ahead of today. At any rate, anyone that wants to throw shade on J.T. can go suck a bug.

What a man does with his body is his choice and no one elses is. 

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9 minutes ago, pnies20 said:

If he’s a step up from Durango and continues to improve, we’ll be fine. He’s no joe but he’ll do. 


The odds of getting another Joe Thomas aren’t good.  We might have to learn to make do with a mere mortal for a while.

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I'd be perfectly with with a "solid" LT forever, so long as we have the QB to go with it. A great QB who gets the ball out of his hands can make an average OL look good, a good OL look great, and a great OL look like he's got FOREVER to throw the ball because teams will only rush 3-4 dudes because they need the pass coverage support. 

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