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Phingasm 23

My grades for 1st round position need - Day 3 FA

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Wishlist for #11 in this order 

Nelson - LOL. He won’t last... I’m dreaming.

Smith - he and McMillian would be great together.

Edmunds - versatile, fast, young.  Not as polished as Smith but would be great.

trade back - yes  trade back.  Miami needs good young talent.  Move back and grab another 2nd rounder or even a 1st in 2019.

Fitzpatrick - sooooooo goooood. Just not sure how we could use him, McDonald and Jones on the field all three downs.  Would be awesome though.

Vea - not a sexy pick but he will be a very solid pro.

James - same here with Fitzpatrick.  Not necessarily a need but a great talent.

i will say I think Barkley is a game changer talent but there is no way in hell I would mortgage future drafts for him.


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