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A mock I'd be excited about...


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Never know who drops, but if everything did perfectly, here's what I'd like to see.

I know it's unlikely, but hey, I did say perfectly...


RD 1  LB  R.Evans - he just fits. 

RD 2  FS  J.Reid - I don't think he falls to us, but again, I did say if things fell our way.

RD 3  OG  B.Price - likely a second rounder, but he'd be a great back up center now and starting guard soon.

RD 5  WR  M.Gallup - Like him. Player.

RD 5  CB  H.Hill - Aside from his off the field issues, he's a player. He drops only because of the off the field stuff.

RD 7  OLB  L.Jacobs - again, he's more likely to have run his way higher at the combine, but I like his versatility.

RD 7  DL  J.Frazier - I like him. Under rated. 

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