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2016 Defensive Snap Breakdown

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I know this board likes data. Wanted to provide some.

This is a spreadsheet of every snap played in every game by every player on the defense.


This is a percentage of the snaps that each player played in each game.


This is a breakdown of snaps played by position on defense. Some of these are a little hazy (Is Hyde a CB or a Safety? Is Burnett/Brice an ILB or a Safety? Is Datone Jones an OLB or a UT?)




Interesting Tidbits

  • HaHa Clinton-Dix sat out one snap last year. He might have played all of them, the margin of error is there.
  • We averaged 5.22 DBs per play last year. That's pretty damn incredible. Combination of changing days, good talent at safety, and poor talent at ILB.
  • Lowry and Clark were steadily improving throughout the year and getting more reps by extension.
  • We played a ton of garbage CBs this year due to injury.
  • We were 0-3 in games Clay didn't play.
  • Joe Thomas led our team in reps among the LBs. That's pretty sad.



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can't find the old post which had position snap ratios for a bunch of teams including GB,  but most top defenses were in the high 4s for Dbs per snap.  


Seattle was fairly close to 4, then NE, then denver, then we were waaaay high.

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