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Titans Release Sylvester Williams

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The Tennessee Titans are releasing nose tackle Sylvester Williams just one year after signing him to a three-year, $16.5 million deal. The Titans hoped Williams, 29, would adequately fill their void at nose tackle, but he didn't make as many splash plays or command the double teams that they expected. Titans general manager Jon Robinson was willing to cut ties with his signing. Williams was content with the move.

Releasing Williams, a Broncos 2013 first-round pick, saves the Titans a little more than $3 million in salary-cap space while carrying a little more than $2.5 million in "dead money" salary charge. The release came Saturday because $2.5 million of his 2018 base salary would have been guaranteed if he was on the roster Sunday.

The Titans finished fourth in run defense, and Williams played 32 percent of the defensive snaps (11 starts).

This move is particularly interesting because the Titans are expected to host Ndamukong Suh on a visit this weekend after leaving the Saints, per ESPN's Adam Schefter. Suh played under Titans defensive line coach Terrell Williams in Miami for the past three years.

Sylvester Williams' signing last year was one of the more head-scratching decisions we saw happen in 2017, but it looks like Jon Robinson isn't afraid to cut his losses when he sees it's not working out. We were solid in run defense and Williams didn't really play a huge role in that.

What I'm much more interested in is the fact that we are bringing in Ndamukong Suh. I would absolutely love if we signed him, as we certainly have the cap space to do so.

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41 minutes ago, El ramster said:

Suh is coming to the Rams.. Don't sleep..



Man Sylvester Williams was a terrible pick. I can't believe the Browns passed on him at #6 overall given how bad he was.

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