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Former Jags around the league

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1 hour ago, pwny said:

Gus Bradley got dunked on.

I remember this.



Sometimes i really wish we had a cool eye candy offense like the Chiefs, or Nagy brought to Chicago.  I love watching that stuff.   But at some point, i just really like the primal simplicity of the Jaguars bully ball offense when it's got all the pieces and is working.  It's just line up and smack them in the mouth...same as our defense.  If you got the horses...no need for razzle dazzle, let's ride.

Unfortunately, oftentimes...Bortles.

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On 11/09/2018 at 5:46 PM, pwny said:


Kinda surprised Nortman hasn't already caught on somewhere.  He's a good Punter, and you'd think at this point, he'd be willing to take a little bit of a pay cut just to get on the field.

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