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J-Deere Mock

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Let me preface this by saying I think the Bengals are going to be trading up and down in this draft to get the player they want. They certainly don't have room on the roster for all these picks. But if they do keep them, this is what I think...


Round 1- Billy Price C Ohio State

Lap has been on it the last few drafts. The Bengals don't usually draft for need, but when need and value meet, it makes sense. Price has the ability to play G/C, and injuries haven't made the Bengals shy away before. I don't think the Bengals are willing to gamble that a center falls to them in the 2nd, especially after losing (if thats the right word) Bodine.

Round 2- Orlando Brown RT Oklahoma

Marvin knows the kid, tape says 1st round talent. Typical Bengals draft pick. I think you may see a similar situation like last year where we try to trade down a few spots and still pick him up.

Round 3- Jessie Bates III FS Wake Forest

I think the Bengals want to bring in playmakers/competition at safety. 

Round 3- Troy Fumagalli TE Wisconsin

Huge redzone target, groom in case of another Eifert injury. Could see Uzomah/Hewitt gone if they dont carry 4 TEs

Round 4- Carlton Davis CB Auburn

Think they will draft a corner high with the uncertainty of retaining Dennard next year.

Round 5- Chris Worley OLB Ohio State

Round 5- Luke Falk QB Washington State

Round 5- Trenton Thompson DT Georgia

Round 7- JoJo Wicker DE Arizona State

Round 7- Chris Warren III RB Texas

Round 7- Tony Adams G NC State

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I've seen better.

I'm good with this draft, but tbh I do like Wynn + Daniels more than Price + Brown.  But your draft is more realistic to what we'll probably do...

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