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2018 Free Agency Thread v2

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17 hours ago, NJ Raider said:

I’d really love Kendricks. Flies all over the field and delivers that wooden shampoo. 

LB core would be solid with Whitehead, Kendricks, and Johnson. 

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I would feel good about that group for the year but eventually we need to address these positions with some valuable draft capital.  I believe Rolando McClain was the last player to start multiple seasons for us at MLB.  2012 - McClain, 2013 - Roach, 2014 - Burris, 2015 - Lofton, 2016 - Riley, 2017 - Bowman, 2018 - Johnson.  There has been a few others that have started also Heeney, Lee and I am probably missing a few.  Do we have any other position that has half of this turnover.

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