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2019 NFL Draft 7 Round ranking (+ Weekly Prospect Standouts)

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Week 3:

*Hakeem Butler RS JR WR Iowa State:
Amazing game by him, probably the best game I have seen him play in college.  Great breaking tackles and getting away from defenders and made huge plays and got tons of yards after the catch.  Big body kid, if he could consistently play like this the guy is a 1st round talent, but one does not get this week in and week out.  Will see if he can keep this level of play up, was a boss in this game and really impressed no doubt.


*Sione Takitaki SR OLB BYU:
Played a great game for BYU, was a heck of a edge rusher last year but was undersized and struggled at times against the run.  As a free linebacker he played really great especially when kept clean.  His stock is really rising if he keeps playing like this at OLB, good speed, good toughness and really flows to the ball well.  Had a great game and was a key part in one of the biggest BYU victories in recent memory.  Outstanding performance by him and that defense overall.


*Rashard Lawrence JR DT/DE LSU:
Is a beast out there, flashed last year I thought but this year he has really rounded into form.  Is such a strong run defender, very hard to move and could play DT in a 4/3 or DE in a 3/4 and do very well.  Is a rock down there are hard to move no question about it.  I do not feel he will come out early because of the loaded class on the DL potentially, but if he comes back as a senior he has 1st round potential especially if he can develop some more pass rush ability.  Has a great motor and gives outstanding effort.


*Deshaun Davis SR ILB Auburn:
Played probably the best game I have seen him play in college.  Is a undersized linebacker but was super quick in this game flowing to the football and arriving violently.  Good hitter and forceful tackling in this game, looked good.  See if he can keep that intensity level up and could with that great DL ahead of him,Derrick Brown sure will keep offensive linemen off him that is for sure.


*David Montgomery JR RB Iowa State:
I liked him last year a lot, was inbetween if he would come out early for this up coming draft.  Regardless the kid can play and is an all around back.  He can catch the football, he can block when needed, make people miss in the hole and run on contract in the box as well.  Is a complete player and is easily a mid round draft pick or potentially higher with a good rest of the season.  Does not always have a lot of room to make plays but kid can run the football and does it very well.


*Corbin Kaufusi RS JR DE BYU:
I have liked him for three years now, is such a physical freak and is really becoming a fine DE prospect.  Have him as a 2nd rounder but has a higher ceiling than that, made Edwards look foolish at times and some have him as a 1st round OT.  Is very hard to handle because of his massive length and is thick in his base and can hold the point.  Is not super fast but in the correct system could do some big time damage at the next level, great to see him playing so well.


*Porter Gustin SR OLB USC: 
One of the few defenders that showed up in that game, only a few did consistently.  Was taken out because of a targeting but was getting very solid consistent pressure.  Was able to bull rush the tackle back into the QB and also won with speed at times.  If he can stay healthy he will be one of the top 3/4 OLB prospect because of his ability to consistently get to the QB.  But his health is a concern and durability, will see how he does the rest of the season.


*Kris Boyd SR CB Texas: 
Could be flying up the draft charts at CB, is playing very well after showing some flashes I thought last year.  Good smooth cover man that reacts well to the football and knows how to play the position.  Some other corners around the nation have been struggling and in terms of senior draft prospects at CB he is easily one of the best especially based on his play alone.


*Tua Tagovailoa SOPH QB Alabama: 
Just keeps playing well week in and week out.  Sure before the year was a little hype with him but now he is proving that yeah, come 2020 he will probably be the 1st pick overall.  Kid is crazy accurate, very athletic, super hard to deal with as a left hander and has a great head on his shoulders.  Awesome looking talent and very hard to see many things not to like about him.  Is not as run first of a QB like Mariota was especially early in his career and arguably has just as good of accuracy but makes more plays down the field that Mariota did as well especially this early in his career.  


*Austin Hoyt RS SR OT BYU:
Fine game by him and great game overall by that OL, able to hold there own against Wisconsin but they did miss their #1 pass rusher on the edge.  Hoyt is a big strong kid and could be a great mid round draft pick at tackle, does struggle at times in pass pro but was pretty solid in this game.  Part of a much improved group overall and be interesting to watch them as the season goes on.


*Darius Anderson JR RB TCU: |
I never thought of him as this great athlete at running back but wow showed some speed in that game breaking that huge run against a typically fast defense in Ohio State.  Liked Anderson a lot last year and I think he has a lot of potential.  Be curious what he does come draft time, if he keeps playing like this will almost have to come out early with that size and speed.


*Andre Anthony RS SOPH OLB LSU:
Where do they get these guys, another potential standout player for LSU, that SOPH defensive class they got is probably the best SOPH group in the nation defensively.  This kid is huge, long and looks like a damn good athlete.  Could be another star linebacker for them and arguably they might have the best SOPH CB, S, LB and ILB as of right now.  Great group of talent and he seems like just another one.


*Grant Delpit SOPH S LSU: 
Kid is a flat out super star, love his tackling ability at safety, really tackles aggressively and they are form proper tackles.  Good range and hitting ability, good in coverage as well, no doubt 1st round pick in 2020 I feel with this kid.


*Devin White JR ILB LSU: 
Wow he looked great in this game I thought, is a lot more athletic than people give him credit for and really that is the only question mark about him.  In this game he showed he has plenty of makeup speed and quickness to get into the backfield.  Is in better shape than last year and has such great instincts.  Is a 1st rounder all the way and potentially a top 10 pick, outstanding ILB prospect and could do great things in a 3/4 I think.


*Hamp Cheevers JR CB Boston College:
I really like his ball skills overall.  Has a nice feel and anticipation, got his hands on more than a few footballs in that game.  Just on ball skills alone he is a corner to watch no doubt this season, will see if he can show as a tackler and improve his fundamentals as well.


*Essang Bassey JR CB Wake Forest:
Kid is a boss out there in terms of tackling, especially at that size.  Very fundamentally sound and I liked him last year and still like him a lot this year as a prospect.  Would not be surprised to see him come out early and be in the 2nd tear group of CBs potentially.  Was able to take down Dillon in one on one situations more than once in this game, impressive at his size.


*Tommy Sweeney RS SR TE Boston College:
I liked him last year and I am more impressed with him again this season.  Such a fine run and jump athlete who can hold up as a blocker as well.  Easily one of the better all around TE prospects in the draft who is not just a pass catching TE and is more complete than many out there.


*Greg Dortch RS SOPH WR Wake Forest:
Brought him up last year and already this season.  I guess he is a RS player as a sophomore so I think him coming out in this up coming draft could be a real thing.  Is a great return man, sure he is small but is a threat with his speed and I love his athletic ability overall.  Would be a great mid round pick just for his return skills alone.  Could potentially put up better numbers with better QB play I feel.


*Seth Williams FR WR Auburn:
Only flashed a little bit but the few plays he made, wow he has some great hands and ability to catch the football.  Good size as a receiver but those hands are what makes him impressive, good body control and looks to be a potential big time pass catcher.  They should be using him more and more as the year goes on.


*Jeff Thomas SOPH WR Miami FL:
Arguably the best game I have seen him play, such blazing speed and made some insane catches one almost completely over his shoulder as well.  Really got behind the defense and made things happen.  Nice looking player and makes them not really miss Richards out there that is for sure.  Thomas is arguably a faster player and is pretty quick as well, nice looking pass catching weapon.  


*Innis Gaines JR S TCU:
Mentioned him a little before the season and the more I watch him the more I like him as a prospect no question.  Versatile safety who can play in the slot and covers very well, good around the line of scrimmage as well, knows the game and is a smart player who can make plays.  Had a great game against a great team this week no question about it.  Had a huge impact and if he keeps his play at this level could maybe even before a early entry type of prospect with the talent he has shown so far.


*Garret Wallow SOPH ILB TCU:
Is a very undersized linebacker but can really fly around and make plays out there.  Quick to react to the football and is a promising young linebacker talent no question, especially if he puts on some more weight, was a former safety I believe.  Had a great game though, if he gets stronger could be a real beast out there with his range and speed at the position.


*Shawn Robinson SOPH QB TCU: 
I was impressed with how quick and athletic he was back there, very hard to bring down and good at avoiding pressure and making quick strong throws.  Could develop into a very good prospect over time, interesting talent with that athletic ability and that arm strength.  Takes chances and makes things happen from the position, that is for sure.


*Collin Johnson JR WR Texas:
Had a good game and competed hard, good strong hands and made some plays with the ball in the air.  Do wish he would do this week in and week out with the talent he has shown.  Will see if he can do that this season and consistently be a weapon and make plays on the field.


*Kyler Murray RS JR QB Oklahoma:
The kid just continues to impress, again I have a hard time bringing him up but honestly with him playing this well could argue he could easily be a 2nd or 3rd round pick in the NFL draft.  Has greatly improved as a passer and combine that with his athletic ability and ability to get away from pressure he is ripping people up this year.  Nice looking talent who is a baseball player, oddly enough with him playing this well he might have to make a choice on which one he wants to do, because he could be a backup NFL QB in the mold of a Seneca Wallace I feel and hang around the league for awhile.  Has arguably a better arm than Wallace did as well and is just as quick and nimble in the pocket.


*Neville Gallimore RS JR NT Oklahoma:
Is a freaking tree trunk out there, so thick and massive for a NT.  Promising looking talent and is one of the better NT talents in the nation because of that massive size and strength.  Is a decent athlete who can get after the QB at times also.  Be curious what he does come draft time, could maybe be a 2nd rounder but would be drafted higher potentially if he came back as a RS SR next year.


*Garrett Brumfield SR OG LSU:
Has really improved I feel at guard, moves very well, big wide body and has played well.  Good run blocker no question and is good enough in the pass game.  Could be rising up the draft charts, solid talent with good mobility for his size I feel, nice mid round guard prospect.


*Gary Johnson SR OLB Texas: 
Have liked him for awhile, flashed big time last year and his athletic ability is really impress.  How he can get behind the line and make plays, is a compact and powerful athlete with great sideline to sideline speed.  With a fine season I would be surprised if he is not a 2nd round pick, and with a great year could maybe if he is lucky get into the 1st round with his ability to run.  That kind of potential is impressive, is strong enough to hold his own inside and can hit like a safety and run like one as well yet is heavier and more powerful than a safety who can play linebacker.


*Cade Carney JR RB Wake Forest:
Really impressed with his toughness running the football.  Physical runner who is not afraid to go inbetween the tackles and take contact.  I expect him to really breakout next year potentially and could be a nice looking prospect for sure.  Is having a great year already on Wake and that should continue with the power he runs with and aggression.


*Matt Colburn II SR RB Wake Forest:
Is impressive how well built he is despite not being super big or heavy.  Is a thick strong kid, has surprisingly quick feet and has some toughness about him as well when he runs.  Nice looking player and maybe could work himself into being a late round pick, will see.  Is part of a surprising one two punch at RB for Wake.


*Wyatt Ray SR DE Boston College:
Had a great game and really broke out, could be just poor OT play but he was all over the place especially late in that game getting after the QB.  Showed a few quick bursts off the edge and flashed as a outside edge rusher.  Will see how the rest of his season goes, have not really noticed him in Boston College games I have seen before.  Will pay more attention to him now this year, does help having Allen opposite who gets most of the attention.  


*Scott Nelson RS FR S Wisconsin:
Very young player for them but should be a star safety for years to come.  Good mobility out there at safety and looks the part, good in coverage and solid tackler as well.  Very promising young player no question about it, will see what he can do as the season goes on.


*Garrett Groshek  RS SOPH RB Wisconsin:
Had arguably the most impressive runs on that Wisconsin offense in that game.  Tough kid, showed surprising athletic ability and quickness I thought.  Nice looking talent and could be a good change of pace back for them in the future.  Should get more and more carries as the season goes on.


*Caden Sterns FR S Texas:
Looks like a potential star, highly rated safety and looks the part.  Moves so well out there and is very smooth in coverage.  Had some big plays in that game and played the slot quite well also, is part of a Texas defense that had a great game against a solid offensive team.  Sterns no question could be a potential star prospect and is one to watch from here on out.


*Alton Robinson JR DE Syracuse:
Kid has a great game and made that FSU OL look silly more than once.  Is a undersized DE and needs to get stronger at the point of attack.  But his quickness and overall length is very interesting.  Is an odd combo at DE they have at Syracuse, have not had that kind of DL talent in a very long time, combined with Coleman on the other side they are hard to handle.  Robinson is no question a promising looking athletic edge rusher, will see how he does the rest of the year.


*Olive Sagapolu SR NT Wisconsin: 
Is a lot better athlete than most think, made some splash plays in this game and is a nice looking player with a decent amount of upside.  Is more active this year and can hold his own and gives good effort chasing down the ball for a man his size.  Great mid round prospect especially for any team looking for a NT, and if he works out well could really rise come draft day.





Others who impressed:

Amon-Ra St. Brown FR WR USC
DeeJay Dallas SOPH RB Miami FL
Jamel Dean RS JR CB Auburn 
James Empey RS FR C BYU
Jake Ferguson RS FR TE Wisconsin 
Sam Hartman FR QB Wake Forest 
Kendall Coleman JR DE Syracuse 
Jalen Reagor SOPH WR TCU 
David Blough SR QB Purdue
Kendall Blanton RS SR TE Missouri 
Austin Mack JR WR Ohio State
Navaughn Donaldson SOPH OG Miami FL
Justin Jefferson SOPH WR LSU 
Jordan Ta'amu SR QB Ole Miss 








Michael Dieter RS SR OG Wisconsin - Did not play well in this game and really was beat multiple times.  Struggled when he pulled at times and did not play with great power either.  Is out of place at OT I thought last year, but is not dominating at OG this year like he should.  Some have him as a 1st rounder, I do not see that unless one just picks any Wisconsin OL regardless just because they think they will be great eventually.  Needs to get better and play better to be a 1st rounder I feel.  


Joe Jackson JR DE Miami FL - I have not liked him as much as some but do me he does not look like this high 1st round pick.  Made a few plays in that game but his teammates arguably made more, he has good size for the position and decent quickness but is not a very strong player at the point of attack.  He does not get consistent pressure either play after play.  I think of him as a project guy in the 2nd round or later, not sure he is a 1st round talent especially in this DL group.  Might be smart of him to stay in school unless he really improves his play this year.


David Edwards RS JR OT Wisconsin - Struggled against some big strong defensive ends on BYU.  Did not have a good game, I have never been sold on him as a high 1st round pick and this is why.  He is talented no question but needs to dominate more and at times does struggle in pass pro.  That entire OL did not play up to par, be curious how they do after this performance here on out.


Jalen Hurd  RS SR WR Baylor - I love his potential as a prospect but what was with this game.  Had multiple drops, had poor body language and really struggled out there at times.  Needs to be as aggressive and strong with the football like he was as a RB.  That is what makes him such an interesting prospect especially after the catch.  But if he cannot even catch that is a big time problem, and still has work to do with route running and overall conditioning.  Needs to play better and maybe it was just an off week for him.


Parnell Motley JR CB Oklahoma - Did make some big plays and good for him to stay in the game, keep a good attitude and compete.  But he did get beat a lot in this game, was out fought for the ball more than once and struggled tackling at times also.  Still ok talent but if he was indeed that good he would not he picked on all game like he was in this one.  Still like I said at least he stayed confident and kept competing out there regardless.


Deondre Francois RS JR QB Florida State - Really it is not all his fault, the kid gets beat up back there and did all game long basically.  But honestly it is a little disappointing his lack of success and inability to get the ball to his weapons.  He should make these guys look good not need to rely on great players to make him look good, if indeed he is that great of a QB.  Will be hard for him this season, will see how he gets through it and how he does, just on getting beat up alone and how bad this OL looks, be curious if he comes out regardless and will be a 3rd QB on some team as a project in the later rounds.  I like his arm and what he has shown but is having a hard time as is that entire team really.






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Yea, I saw the Baylor game.  The Jalen Hurd wideout experiment might cost him some money if he can't figure out how to catch the ball.  The announcers were saying how he wanted to save his body for the next level by converting to wide receiver.  Well, he shouldn't count his chickens before they hatch, because that wasn't a next level receiver on the field that day.

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