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2019 NFL Draft 7 Round ranking (+ Weekly Prospect Standouts)

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5 hours ago, Ozzy said:

I agree, especially in that A&M game he completely crushed the pocket, then a few plays later could not even notice he was out there.  Not sure if it is just a weak A&M center or what, still worth another few looks.  Will be interesting how he does in the Conference USA title game, then again not like they are going up against great competition though, the next game against Mid Tennessee is on ESPN 3 so basically that is out for me...

I haven't watched the A&M center much, and I haven't really cared much for an A&M OL outside of Jake Matthews, but I know he's on a lot of people's lists for the 2020 draft. 

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4 hours ago, IDOG_det said:

I haven't watched the A&M center much, and I haven't really cared much for an A&M OL outside of Jake Matthews, but I know he's on a lot of people's lists for the 2020 draft. 

Yeah just glancing they are not that impressive of a group like they used to be a few years back.  Williams is having a great year so obviously there is a cause for that, does help running that more pro style offense and getting some TEs in the game actually.  Jace is just ripping it up...


Did watch that UAB game again, Erik McCoy did do pretty well, he is very athletic, can really pull and switch off who he is blocking, good in space and agile.  I could see him being of interest in 2020 as a RS SR.  But to me the guys who are actually impressive in that draft at center are these guys and the class they will be in if they come out for that draft, Tyler Biadasz Wisconsin RS JR, Creed Humphrey Oklahoma RS SOPH Cesar Ruiz Michigan JR.  McCoy did get bulled over by Rush on that late 2nd half goal line stand but they did still score on it.  Got pushed around a few other times but again Rush at times was a non factor and at times McCoy passed him off and moved to block another player.  But was really just that one knock down play that was the issue for him which is not bad.  So whatever lists you are looking at, yeah he could be a potential center maybe and is one to kind of watch but to me is not a star player by any means.


Also Jamell Garcia-Williams on UAB is one to pay attention to, is freaking huge kid listed at 6-8, still crazy raw and not all that developed in terms of a pass rush. Has some upside and does get home to the QB a few times.  Long lean DE or 3/4 OLB, sucks wish he was a underclassman and could develop more.

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Drake Jackson from Kentucky will be another center to watch. He'll be a redshirt Junior next year. 

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Week 13:

*Dwayne Haskins RS SOPH QB Ohio State:
Probably played the best game of his career, has had such a dominating season all year but again not sure if it is the great WR talent all around him, I mean in terms of weapons he has a ton of them.  Still the kid ripped apart what was the best defense in the nation and did so easily.  On target with his passes, showed off a little athletic ability running as well.  Interesting looking talent and if he keeps this play level up one could possibly look at him as a early entry guy in this up coming draft.  And for sure if he comes back which he probably should, could easily be top 5 prospect in 2020.    


*Robert Hainsey SOPH OT Notre Dame:
Very impressive tackle prospect, has really good feet and is smooth in pass protection.  Moves very well and is under control, I need to watch him more looks like he could be a future star tackle.  Is part of a great OL core and group at Notre Dame, they know how to coach those boys up and Hainsey is one of the better ones coming into next year, see how he does in the big time games they have coming up.


*Josh Oliver SR TE San Jose State:
Who in the world is this guy, just watching him for a few seconds, yeah he is a NFL prospect.  Is just an Adonis out there, very big and strong, good build and is a impressive looking athlete.  Productive pass catcher as well that can do some things in terms of blocking as well.  Just on frame alone he is worth a long look and could be a steal mid round draft pick.  Need to see more of him but wow, could be a very interesting talent come draft time.  


*Sutton Smith RS JR OLB Northern Illinois:
Guy is an animal out there, just is all over the field making plays and as a pass rusher gives absolute effort all of the time.  Sure is not ideal in terms of size but could play ILB in a 3/4 or even OLB in a 3/4 as well I feel.  Is worth a long look come draft time, is just a terror off the edge and is compact and strong, interesting player and has gotten even better this year.  Could be a 2nd or 3rd round pick, will see how he does the rest of the way.  


*Parris Campbell RS SR WR Ohio State:
Played the best game of his season if not his career, what a time to show up.  Was all over the field making plays, was awesome after the catch and showed his big time open field speed consistently.  They had no chance against him and those crossing routes.  Great game by him, not sure if he will be a 1st rounder but as a 2nd rounder could not get much more sound as a prospect.  Has taken him awhile to produce at this level but what a time to show up in a huge way in such a huge game. 


*Salvon Ahmed SOPH RB Washington:
Showed off the blazing speed in that game, the Washington State defense could just not get a hand on him in the open.  Was able to cut and run even in that snow and was a real force.  Could be a possible star next year when Gaskin is gone, very promising looking athlete at the position with big play making potential.


*Marquise Brown JR WR Oklahoma:
Is a burner, I did not know he was Antonio Brown's cousin, now I liked him even more.  Could easily be a 1st round pick, just has blazing speed, is fearless going across the middle and is crazy hard to handle in the open field with that aggressive style he plays with, always looking for the big play.  Elite level WR and could burn it up at the combine possible, fine prospect and is even better than he was last season.


*Myles Gaskin SR RB Washington:
Another great game by him, so solid and so consistent as a runner.  Agile and nimble on his feet, can make people miss, catch the football and block when needed.  Just is a sound back and could be a very solid 2nd or 3rd round pick I feel.  Four thousand yard rushing seasons in a row in this day in age is flat out insane, crazy impressive and crazy hard to do.  Great final game by him and that Washington team, expect them to win the Pac-12 next week no doubt.


*Raekwon Davis JR DE/DT Alabama:
Gave great effort in this game I thought, chasing down ball carriers which is quite a sight to see.  He is just so big and when he puts effort out like that, talk about a scary defensive player.  Is just huge and coming fast at you.  Such an elite level talent and so rare with his length and quickness.  Williams has taken the headlines this year and rightfully so, but Davis is a potential star as well and that front seven is a huge reason why that Bama team is so successful overall.


*Iman Marshall SR CB USC:
Great game by him, was active in coverage, jumped the routes and got his hands on the football more than once.  I have liked him for awhile, his career has been kind of up and down though, in this game he played very well though.  If he stays that aggressive with his hands he has very good tight man coverage potential.  Good enough tackler as well, could maybe be one of the better 2nd tear corners in the up coming draft and should be a 2nd or 3rd round pick.  Awesome game and probably the best I have seen him play this year.


*Jace Sternberger JR TE Texas A&M:
Brought him up a lot and the kid just continues to perform at a very high level, should totally come out for the draft and could be a debatable 1st round pick.  Such a fine route runner and has big time speed for the position.  Really has blow up as a TE this year and is such a promising talent, one of the biggest come from no where to be a star stories in college football.


*Cam Akers SOPH RB Florida State:
Made a few plays in this game catching the football that were wildly impressive.  Some of the runs he made, one was called back because of a flag, but the run he made it is like why can he not do this all the time?  Finally flashed some of that big time play making potential.  Will see if he can actually do that next year because so far his career has been a disappointment I feel considering the hype he came in with.


*Devin White JR ILB LSU: 
What an impressive game by him, sadly was in a high scoring 7 OT game, but earlier in the game he made some crazy impressive plays as a pass rusher and just flat out tackling in general.  Showed big time speed and great effort, just blew up guys in this game.  Sadly for him and the D it did not end well especially late.  Hard for a guy like this in the current football of today but he makes it work and in terms of a strong athletic linebacker he is it, is clearly the #1 LB prospect in the up coming draft no doubt.  


*Trevon Wesco RS SR TE West Virginia:
I need to watch him more but looks like a great FB/HB/TE prospect.  Very effective blocker, a little more thick than most TEs, carries a 270 or so pound weight to him.  Good crack back blocker and potentially good enough as a pass catcher.  Will see could maybe become a late round pick to the right team.  


*Donnell Greene RS SR OT Minnesota:
Was very aggressive in this game and helped cap a very promising senior year for him.  Is a massive kid, moves well and could potentially be a fine RT in the NFL.  Stock is rising I feel, solid tackle prospect and should be a really sound mid round draft pick possible.  Brought him up a few times already this year, has just rounded out very nicely as a senior.


*Trey Adams SR OT Washington:
Great to see him out there again, came in after Hilbers went down.  I was very surprised to see Adams in especially after the injury, not sure why they used him and did not start him but must have been healthy enough to be a backup and play.  I hear he might come back for another year, will see, regardless he got good push and showed off that athletic ability he has at such a massive size.  Just as a project OT could be a 2nd round pick I feel with his upside but could be a lot higher if he came back another year and was healthy all season long.  


*Isaiah Prince SR OT Ohio State:
Was hard on him and that OL earlier in this year but this game they all played really well, especially Prince.  No obvious pressures given up really and was solid at the point of attack.  Strong in the run game as well, maybe will be more of a OG in the NFL but will see.  Regardless is one of the more firm and solid OL prospects in the up coming draft in terms of the middle rounds.  Finished out his senior year strong that is for sure with this performance.


*Joe Jackson JR DE Miami FL:
Impressive game by him, was able to get into the backfield multiple times and make some big plays.  Did that against a solid OL and a tough run game and as a group they shut them down.  Jackson I have not been sold on his consistency over time or his strength at the point of attack but he has ended his season strong this year.  Played well against Millin and got the better of him a few times.  Showed a little more toughness than I thought he had and despite not much to play for as a team played quite inspired as did that entire defensive unit.  


*Daniel Faalele FR OT Minnesota:
What a mountain out there, brought him up a lot this year, has played as good as any true freshman OL in the nation I feel.  Since entering the lineup that run game has improved and he is such a force.  One can build a run game plan around him because what he will get pushed around?  No he is a forceful blocker and cannot really be moved, just go behind him and you will get yards, plays with great effort and the sky is the limit for him, very promising looking talent.


*Trey Dean III FR CB Florida:
Really fine game by him, showed some big time coverage ability I thought, confident corner who is more than comfortable in coverage.  With that long wing span and ball skills could become a really good player next year no doubt about it.  


*Malik Harrison JR OLB Ohio State:
Great game by him, was easily the best game he has played all season.  Too bad he has not played at this level all that often.  Showed good athletic ability and toughness, getting tackles behind the line of scrimmage and playing with great intensity.  Will see how he does in the next big time game they play, see if he shows up again.  


*Yodny Cajuste RS SR OT West Virginia:
I need to watch him more but is a stable tackle and could be a decent late round pick potentially.  Nice solid build, only issue is he does get injured from time to time.  But physically on the field he is solid in the pass game and athletic and strong enough in the run game.  One of the better tackles that could be available in the mid to late rounds.


*Mike Bell RS JR S Fresno State:
I need to see him more but kid can hit and is a long lean looking athlete.  Good toughness to him and tackling ability, with another fine season potentially next year could be an up and coming safety prospect.  Is a forceful player and that is hard to find now a days.


*Jake Ferguson RS FR TE Wisconsin:
Going to be a super star TE down the road, brought him up a few times this season already.  Is a great looking athlete, can really go up and get the football.  Such a long lean frame, should only get better and stronger in time and in that offense should do some real damage.


*Ryan Willis RS JR QB Virginia Tech:
Did impress in that big rivalry game, surprisingly good athlete on the run, really took off and made some yards on the move.  Has a strong arm as well, will create a battle next year with Jackson on who will be the starter for VT.  Big win for that program against a more talented Virginia team, Willis was for sure key to that in the air and on the ground.


*Juan Thornhill SR S Virginia:
The kid is a potential star safety in my book, so athletic in coverage and such a good tackler as well.  Can play around the line of scrimmage, match up on a TE or blitz the QB.  Very versatile player at safety, brought him up a few times already.  I think he is a sound prospect at that position and possible 2nd round pick no doubt.


*Ricky Walker RS SR DT Virginia Tech:
Really good game by him, was active and gave great effort out there on senior day.  Has not had a dominating career by any means but has a good enough motor where maybe a team will take a chance on him in the later rounds, will see.  Good way to go out for his final game, was a leader on that defense this year for sure.  


*Mohamed Ibrahim RS FR RB Minnesota:
Another great game by him, showed such awesome toughness in the hole, was able to just run through tackles and not go down.  Very physical play by him and was key to that win being able to consistently grind out yards.  They have found their RB for the next three years or so potentially.  Has really improved as a freshman, started out showing good open field athletic ability and now shows he can be a grind it out tough physical runner as well.  Big part to a massive program win for Minnesota on the road.  


*Jeffrey Okudah SOPH CB Ohio State:
Was smooth in coverage I thought and one to watch next year.  Long arms and active in coverage, able to stick with the WR consistently and not give up much ground.  Nice slot potential, could develop into a good player down the road will see.


*Zack Bailey SR OG South Carolina:
Played very well I thought, I need to see him a lot more but looked like a tough aggressive guard.  Able to move the defender and play with good energy and show some power out there against a fine defensive line.  Could be a decent mid to late round prospect maybe, will see how he performs in the bowl game.


*KeeSean Johnson RS SR WR Fresno State:
I must watch him more but looks like an interesting prospect, has had a fine career and helped turn around the Fresno State program.  Good route runner and has solid hands, could be a fine mid to late round pick but again I need to watch him a little more. There is no relation by the way.  


*Austin Jackson SOPH OT USC:
I must watch him a lot more but kid played very aggressive tough football in that game.  Was very active going after the defensive lineman, good getting first contact and using his hands quite well.  Showed nice power and athletic ability, was for sure up for this game.  Will be interesting to see how he does next year, could develop into a fine prospect. 




Others who impressed:

Chris Olave FR WR Ohio State
Caleb Wilson RS JR TE UCLA   
Chris Williamson RS JR S Minnesota
Dylan Wonnum FR OT South Carolina
Joshua Jacobs JR RB Alabama
Joe Tryon RS FR DE Washington  
Andrew Stueber SOPH OT Michigan
Michael Jordan JR OG/C Ohio State 
Johnnie Dixon SR WR Ohio State
Dax Hollifield FR LB Virginia Tech
Tre Turner FR WR Virginia Tech  







Gardner Minshew SR QB Washington State - Had a rough game in ideal conditions for the defense, especially with a team that does not run the ball between the tackles much.  Had some moments of success but with the conditions they could not get the WR separation they usually can.  The dream season ended in a way with them, once more not getting to the Pac-12 title game and losing the last game of the year against a big rival Washington.  Magical season by him though, will see how he and that team comes back in the bowl game.   Maybe all the hype has caught up to him.


Brandon Watson RS SR CB Michigan - Awful game by him, I thought he flashed at times early in the year and played well in the slot and showed some good toughness.  In this game he was straight up beat multiple times.  Just awful showing and will see if he is even drafted after being so exposed in coverage.  Was not comfortable, and did not adjust or improve much throughout the game.  Then again that entire Michigan defense was abused and taken advantage of, poor showing for them all around on that side of the ball.


Rashan Gary JR DE Michigan - Sure it is probably the injury stuff but overall this year when he has been in he has not been all that impressive.  Struggles to get off blocks and make plays in the backfield.  Is not as impactful in the game.  Once and obvious super star top 10 prospect, now I am not totally sure about that.  Again could be he is still injured but just has not looked the same like he did last season when he really broke out and became a dominating player.   Could be the talent that left last year brought more attention this year and is not as good when getting doubled.


Caleb Farley RS FR CB Virginia Tech - Really liked his potential earlier in the year but yeah he got beat a lot in this game I thought.  Such a fast athlete but needs to get stronger and play with better technique as a CB.  Should in time with that coaching staff, will see if he can take it to the next level next season.  


Divine Deablo RS SOPH S Virginia Tech - Really disappointed in this game, thought maybe him being gone was a cause for some of those odd VT losses.  But Divine got burnt deep more than once in this game by a team not that great at passing the football.  Looked a little slow in coverage and not very impactful as a tackler.  Still has time to grow and improve as a prospect but in general that defense especially the secondary has a lot to work on in the off season, talented but still a long ways to go.


Antoine Wesley JR WR Texas Tech - Disappointing play by him, earlier I thought he could maybe be a early entry guy and he still might but has not been nearly as dominating the past few games.  Fine athlete with good run and jump ability but it seems like that entire team just quit after the Texas game, no surprise Kingsbury was fired after this year.





Well another regular College Football season has sadly come to a close.  It sucks I know.  So you say....




Well then I say to you...



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Conference Championship Week:

*Byron Murphy RS SOPH CB Washington:
I did not know the kid was a RS player, wow now I without question will include him into the 7 round mock draft ranking.  Could easily be a late 1st or no doubt 2nd round pick.  Is no question the 3rd best corner in the draft I feel if he comes out, great ball skills and basically won the football game for Washington with his pick 6.  Big time game by him and is a big time talent, one of the most smooth cover corners in the up coming draft potentially.


*Jake Fromm SOPH QB Georgia:
Played probably the best game of his career no doubt, was accurate and on time.  Did very well in the pocket, spread the ball around and kept the defense off balance completely.  Did not end up winning the game but my opinion of Fromm has improved after this showing.  Showed like he does belong and despite a talent QB waiting in the wings he still kept his job from his play on the field.  Still in terms of NFL elite level talent, not sure he is there but kid is a solid firm game manager how is a good leader and makes the right throw and play.  That was exactly what Kirk Cousins was in college, and now looked what he has developed into in the NFL.  


*Jonathan Ledbetter SR DE/DT Georgia:
Showed some big time power in that game and played quite well against arguably the best OT prospect in the up coming draft in Jonah Williams.  Was able to push him around more than once in that game which was very surprising.  Has flashed more playmaking potential than he has in years past and has almost an ideal build for a 3/4 DE.  Sound prospect and should be a great get in the middle rounds potentially.  Great game by him and great game overall for that Georgia front seven especially early, got big time pressure on Tua that he has not really felt much of the year.   


*Alexander Mattison JR RB Boise State:
Amazing game by him, was a very physical runner and showed off impressive power and overall athletic ability I thought.  Really interesting looking talent that few talk about.  Just a great game by him despite the loss, literally almost carried that team to a victory.  Could easily be a early entry type of a guy no question this year but if he comes back for his final season will be one of the best backs in the nation and one of the best senior running backs by far.  If he does come out early could be in the conversation for one of the top 15 RBs in the draft and be a possible steal in the mid to late rounds.


*Sutton Smith RS JR LB/DE Northern Illinois:
Brought him up last week, another great energetic game by him again in this title game in a huge comeback win.  Gives such great effort, is powerful despite not being a huge kid, can knock much bigger guys back and has the quickness and agility to get around them and make plays.  An NFL team will find a spot for him and in terms of being a relentless pass rusher, he is as good as anyone in the nation, the kid goes absolutely all out all the time.


*Mike Bell RS JR S Fresno State:
Brought him up last week, kid really showed up big time in that title game as well.  Is a big time hitter, firm tackler and plays aggressive football.  Nice solid build as a safety and can move around, is a very interesting prospect and if he comes back for his RS SR year could develop into one of the best safeties in the draft.  Could come out even this year and still be a mid round draft pick I think with how well he has played.  


*Tyree Jackson JR QB Buffalo:
Did end up in a losing effort but the kid has arm talent that is for sure.  I do hope he comes back for another year because he is still very raw, has to work on his speed control and dial it back on some throws.  Throws a fast ball on every pass and at times that is a big time issue.  Needs to use more touch on the screen passes and arching over the defender passes.  Still at that size he has potential but is similar to a Logan Thomas type, is big and raw but still needs work, but Jackson has more arm talent than Logan Thomas had I feel no question.  


*D'Andre Walker SR OLB Georgia:
Great game by him, got pressure on a very solid and strong Bama offensive line.  Held the edge nicely and was able to bend the corner as well more than once.  Solid player and solid 3/4 OLB prospect I feel.  Right combination of speed and ability to hold the edge, not too little yet not slow either.  Defends the run well and can hold his point of attack, played great this game against a super talented offensive line for Alabama.


*Chase Young SOPH DE Ohio State:
Great game by him, was able to get pressure off the edge and did so easily more than once.  At times this year he looked a little disengaged but one could say that about the entire Ohio State defense at times.  Has a fine build and great athletic ability and quickness.  Will be interesting how he rounds out next season when he has far more pressure and expectations for performance put on him after what he has shown this year.  He needs to put this kind of effort out each and every game, if he can the sky is the limit for him.


*Jordan Davis FR DT Georgia:
What a giant out there, was a force on a few plays and could be an absolute super star down the road for Georgia.  Has that ideal build and the kid is just massive with the height and weight, super long, will see how he develops down the road.   


*Isaac Nauta JR TE Georgia:
Another fine game by him, rising up the JR TE rankings no doubt, good looking athlete and rounding out nicely after showing promise a few years back as a freshman.  Could be a sound TE prospect come next season as a senior I feel, good pass catching weapon.


*Shyheim Carter JR CB Alabama:
Impressive slot play by him, the past few weeks he has been very active and aggressive as a corner.  Getting his hands on footballs and making plays, showed good toughness as well in the run game.  Will see how he rounds out next season if potentially a bigger role, has not done much outside of this season but sure has looked sound late this year no question about it. 


*Darrell Henderson JR RB Memphis:
Really wish they gave him the ball more in this game, no clue why he got it so little but when he did he sure made some things happen.  With how explosive he has been he should be the #1 back taken in the draft this year.  Has just the right combo of power and speed, plays very well in space and can run inside and break tackles if you need him to as well.  


*Riley Ridley JR WR Georgia:
Is a much improved route runner from years before, always had that talent being Calvin Ridley's brother but has not really shown it much till this season.  Is a very improved route runner and can get himself open.  With another strong year of development as a senior could be a decent mid to late round prospect.  Physically is a long stronger and more solid and has been a good player, helped show that in this game against a big time defense.


*Jalen Hurts JR QB Alabama:
Is just good to see him get back out there and lead the team to a win, if Tua did not get hurt so bad he had to come out of the game, I doubt they would have won without Hurts in there.  He was way more calm and comfortable, poised and showed good leadership out there.  His running ability helped as well with that Georgia pressure, he could get out of it and make them pay unlike Tua in there with his injuries.  Still has a long long ways to go as a QB but it is just a huge moment for him and is a giant part why they won the SEC this season.  




Others who impressed:

Patrick Surtain Jr. FR CB Alabama  
Kaleb McGary RS SR OT Washington
Greg Gaines SR DT Washington  
Jordan Miller SR CB Washington
Montre Hartage SR CB Northwestern
Cameron Green RS JR TE Northwestern
Jeffrey Allison JR ILB Fresno State  





Jonah Williams JR OT Alabama - Kid had a rough game and was pushed around in that game.  Got knocked off balance and struggled in pass protection.  Surprising performance by a defense in Georgia that is not great at sacking the QB especially this year.  They played bad overall on that OL for Bama and Cotton was in at OG so that could have hurt as well not having Brown in there.  Still Williams was for sure the #1 OT prospect to me and still probably is, but this is a surprise with how vulnerable he looked in pass pro.  Got off balanced and pushed around which was also a surprise.  Will see how he turns it around against Oklahoma and potentially Clemson after that if they can win.  


Tua Tagovailoa SOPH QB Alabama - Bad game by him, oddly enough Jalen Hurts comes in and he is the poised and calm one in the pocket not Tua.  They brought it up during the game, Tua was pushing things too much and trying to do too much.  Since he could not run he was very limited and they really got after him and pressured him like he has not really been most of the season.  Injury early hurt him of course but he looked a lot more human in this game but again that could be because of the injury.  Great to see Jalen get back in there and win the game when for awhile it looked completely done and over.  In this matchup of potential top picks in 2020 Fromm no doubt out played Tua and looked like the more poised and solid QB in this specific game.  Will see how Tua can come back if he can in the next few games if they keep winning.  

Edited by Ozzy
Forgot to include Mattison

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