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2019 NFL Draft Early top 220+

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I don't think Alexander is really that athletic though. He might be fast, but he doesn't have the quick twitch to play up in a WR's grill. He needs to play in a predominantly zone scheme where he doesn't have to mimic the quick movement of these great WR's in the NFL.

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15 minutes ago, BleedTheClock said:

I don't think Alexander is really that athletic though. He might be fast, but he doesn't have the quick twitch to play up in a WR's grill. He needs to play in a predominantly zone scheme where he doesn't have to mimic the quick movement of these great WR's in the NFL.

Very true, but still the kid is a 6-3 200 pound corner with long arms and is well put together I think.  Just quickly looking at his bio now, he posted in 2015 a 41" vertical and a 375 pound squat and a 315 pound power clean.  Now I would assume those numbers have potentially improved over his time on Virginia Tech or at worst stayed close to the same.    


Sure he is not cat quick, not everyone who is athletically gifted is cat quick however.  Agreed he could not mirror a WR like some can in the slot, but no one would play him there anyway and in the right system he could succeed.  To me if he looked different physically and was not so tall and 'athletic' again he would be a far less interesting prospect, especially considering his play last year.  Too bad for him he could not make the grade because he would have really benefited playing one more year but at least he has a shot at the NFL and will see where he ends up.  

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Terence Williams former Baylor RB is now going to Houston as a graduate transfer.  I always thought the kid was a physical beast, very well put together and a really strong running back with a lot of athletic potential.  Odd placement to be honest in Houston, not a great power run team but will be interesting to see what he does, has an instant chance to start no doubt especially since Duke Catalon left the team.  Williams is a talent kid though, will be interesting to see how he does.  


CJ Sanders former Notre Dame WR is now going to SMU as a graduate transfer.  Interesting fact apparently CJ Sanders was the young Ray Charles in the movie 'Ray' when he was six.  His father is Chris Sanders former NFL WR for the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans.  As a football player he is best as a return man and maybe can fill a slot WR role in that offense, will see might look different with Morris no longer the coach.  Good athletic player but needs to be more productive outside of just as a return man.  

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Jack Jones I have as a mid second rounder potentially but I guess now that is out of the question.  For one he is no longer on the USC football team because he did not make the grade and is thinking of going to a JUCO for this season then I assume wanting to transfer back into a bigger program.


Then again this happened this morning.  Arrested on burglary charges.



It is bad enough for him to no longer be at USC, then this.  Going to have to really work to get his life back in order on and off the field to be considered a top corner prospect which I viewed him as before all of this.  Hope to update my original list with the likes of Jack Jones and Alexander no longer being included, both were arguably top 5 CB prospects for next years draft.  Both did not make the grade in college and pathetically if Jack Jones was eligible I assume he would have done the same thing Alexander is doing going into the supplemental draft.  

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2018 Spring Ball Standouts: Watched only a small number of spring games, going to watch some more but here are a few standouts in those games.  



*Justin Fields QB Georgia FR: Damn that kid looks good, physically he is almost ideal, throws a really nice ball and has a good strong arm.  Thick kid, put together well and could potentially take the starting job if Fromm falters early I think.  Sure they lost Eason who is a fine talent and transfer out but now just go another super talented QB into the program.  Sure it is just a little performance but they could have a super star in Fields down the road.  


*Deandre Baker CB Georgia SR: Really impressive performance by him, had him a mid 2nd rounder but now honestly he is a lot closer to a lock 1st round talent at corner.  Smooth coverage skills and showed some nice toughness tackling as well especially for spring football.   Really interesting talent and could be the #1 corner even in the draft if he plays really well, only guy I have ahead of him is Greedy Williams.


*Justin McMillan QB LSU JR: Will be very interesting now with Joe Burrow down there at LSU.  McMillan played damn good football I thought and was by far the most impressive QB of that LSU group in the spring.  Really had nice mobility in the pocket, good awareness in the pocket and was able to get out of trouble and make big throws down field.  Solid release, really interesting talent and could easily become the starting down there at LSU this season even with Burrow there.


*Deionte Thompson S Alabama RS JR: Flashed late last season, and looked really strong and more physical than I thought he was in that spring game.  Is a nice athlete and moves well for a safety, if he can bring that sense of physical play combined with his solid coverage and mobility back there, kid could be a really promising safety and maybe even a early entry candidate.  Nice looking player, will see how he does this year as the full time starter.  


*Julian Rochester DE/DT Georgia JR: Really liked him last year and probably like him more this year.  Big thick kid who can really hold his own at the DE 3/4 spot or even a DT spot.  Really thick and solid, like the pressure he can get consistently and should have a real breakout season this year for Georgia.


*Raekwon Davis DT/DE Alabama JR: Liked him a ton last year and I think he is a top 20 talent in next years draft potentially.  But wow as a starting DT in a 4/3 he could be a real issue to deal with and as a 3/4 DE could be a great player as well.  Super athletic and love his ability to get after the passer.  Should have a monster year and be one of the best DLs in the up coming draft potentially and that is saying a lot with that DL group.


*Jamal Pettigrew TE LSU RS SOPH: Kid still has a long ways to go but will see if this is the year he finally gets some time and some production.  Is just a massive kid and a really impressive athlete, if he can get a little strong in blocking and be a in line tight end who can go out and make plays in the passing game, kid could become a fine TE prospect.  Will see if he can do that and see some more time this year.


*Isaiah Buggs DE Alabama SR: Kid had a fine game and beat Jonah Williams more than once in that game and physically moved him around.  Flashed a lot last year and could play himself at best into being a 2nd round pick.  Ideal 3/4 DE with good toughness and ability to consistently get pressure on the passer, I expect a huge year out of him no question.  


*Stephen Sullivan WR LSU JR: Kid still has a long ways to go and is not the first big massive WR to do well in the spring for LSU.  Really is a damn big and long kid and showed decent speed, now just let us see if he can crack the rotation and make some plays when it matters.  Sure does have some athletic ability and rare size for the position.


*JR Reed S Georgia RS JR: Made some really impressive physical hits in that ball game.  Son of former NFL star Jake Reed, kid is an interesting prospect and has a nice amount of range and toughness to his game.  Will see if he can improve a little more in coverage but kid is a solid safety who should really do well this year potentially.


*Jacob Phillips LB LSU SOPH: Nice length at linebacker and consistently made plays out there.  Good athletic ability, followed the action well and made tackles when he arrived.  Will see where he ends up, could play the opposite ILB spot in that 3/4 defense as well and do some really good things.  Promising talent and should have a breakout year this up coming season.


*Jonathan Kongbo DE Tennessee RS SR: Will see if he can put it together this year.  Physically he has a lot of what people look for, very long and athletic big kid.  Had a good showing in the spring game and seems to have gotten stronger at the point of attack.  Will see in a new system how he does, sure has a lot of potential that is no question.


*Matt Landers WR Georgia RS FR: Should be very interesting to watch this year, made some really big splash plays in that game and his height is very promising.  Georgia generally does not have big tall receivers like him, kid is really long and could be a great weapon in the passing game.  


*Parris Campbell WR Ohio State SR: Really like him a lot after last years spring game, will see if he can carry that into the season.  Has game breaking speed and athletic ability, good build and nice hands as well.  Will see if he can become the #1 guy in a very deep and talented Ohio State WR core.  


*Tamorrion Terry WR Florida State RS FR: Really made a ton of big plays in that spring game.  Showed good speed and ability to go up and make the catch, and could be a big time playmaker for them at receiver.  Was successful with a backup RS FR QB throwing him the ball.  Sure those two probably worked together a lot last year as both redshirt players but Terry it will be interesting how he does.  Could be a real playmaker at WR no doubt.


*Trevon Diggs CB Alabama JR: Still has a long ways to go in terms of tackling and showing a lot more grit and toughness out there.  Did have two very fine interceptions however in that game, obviously good ball skills yet still can get beat deep.  Should really get a chance to start consistently this year and will see if he can do it when last year he could not and barely played.  Got to love his playmaking potential though no question, and lucky for him Saivion Smith should be on the other side so they surprisingly might have a decent secondary despite losing a ton back there to the draft.


*Brian Robinson Jr RB Alabama SOPH: Sure they lost Bo from last year, but now have Robinson who looks like just a slightly less talented version of D. Harris and N. Harris.  Well built player, tough and multi talented out of the backfield able to catch passes and runs pretty hard.  Even in a very deep RB backfield would not be surprised to see him get some time this up coming season.  


*Labryan Ray DE Alabama SOPH: Really showed up in that spring game I thought, has good size and got after the passer really well and showed some toughness on the edge holding his own and making plays against the run.  Could be just another in a long line of very effective 3/4 DEs, will see how much playing time he gets this year in a already solid DL front.  


*Joe Burrow QB LSU JR: Had a really nice spring game at Ohio State and now obviously left for LSU.  Was a kind of curious choice because even at LSU it is not promised Burrow will instantly start, surprised he did not go somewhere else with how good McMillan played spring ball and they have two other talented QBs with potential as well.  Still at Ohio State he made some nice timing throws and was on target and has a good enough arm.  Will be interesting how this year turns out for him in his new setting.


*Kendrick James TE Alabama SOPH: Still has a long ways to go but is a nice looking athlete with good size and athletic ability.  Seems to have potential as a blocker as well especially if he uses that size and length, will see how he does in a pretty deep TE core, might bring a little more athletic ability than some of the other TEs they have.


*VanDarius Cowan ILB Alabama SOPH: Has a long ways to go but I liked the energy he played with and the aggression.  Made some very solid at the point of contact tackles in that game which were impressive.  Was caught out of position at times however and did not have the speed to get to the spot always, but is a promising player and will see if he can get some time at that backup ILB spot.  


*Mac Jones QB Alabama RS FR: What seems to be an already crowded QB room with Tua and Hurts, now Mac Jones really showed up in that spring game and made some great deep ball throws and big plays.  Strong arm kid with a lot of confidence and seems to be a solid potential player for them, will see.  Active in the pocket and able to get away from trouble and make big plays, will see what happens with him as his career goes on.




Note:  Potentially coming to college football will be a change to redshirt years.  A player might now be able to potentially play in up to 4 games in a season and still call that a redshirt year.  Quite a change I must say and could increase overall exposure and playing time for many players yet still getting five years technically to develop as a prospect.  Also more freedom in transferring which in some ways is good but other ways is kind of annoying.  Now a player does not need permission potentially to transfer from the school, in some ways that helps the athlete but also promotes quitting on your commitment and your teammates.  Will see how it all goes and what exactly they decide up coming.

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Included some more prospects into the original 2019 Draft list, added 7 rounds of 32 per round.  Sure some are reaches maybe but where it stands right now in many cases for me.  Big change was I did drop Deondre Francois down to the 3rd round, his off season issues is not a good start and he has a little ways to go to get back into good standing, not to mention his overall heath.  Hopefully the kid can get back to normal at QB and stay out of trouble.  Also took Jack Jones off the list totally with his legal issues and transferring.  Tyler Moore is no longer included, former potential star center I thought and originally started at Minnesota, transferred to Oklahoma State but retried because of health issues, too bad the kid was a solid center with some nasty to him.  And of course guys like Alexander at CB is off because he is no longer in school and is going out for the supplemental draft.



More Spring Ball standouts

*Nick Coe DE Auburn RS SOPH: Really impressive game by him, just destroyed the offensive line at times with his quickness and power.  Well built kid who is going to be very hard to handle on the edge no question.  Is part of a super talented overall group at Auburn and with a great year he has the talent to come out early even though it would be a long shot.  

*Calvin Ashley OT Auburn RS FR: Did get beat a few times but was going up against some very good competition.  Still the kid is huge and a fine looking athlete for that size, a potential starting on a very good football team and he has worlds of potential no doubt with his athletic ability at tackle.  One to watch for in the future no question.

*Marlon Davidson DE Auburn JR: Liked him last year, is a good solid and thick DE who can move pretty well.  Not super athletic but gets good enough consistent pressure on the passer.  Has talent to come out early no doubt but will be interesting what he does, has skills to play in a 3/4 DE or 4/3 DE spot but again with the depth at DL in this draft might be better coming back to school, will see.

*Big Kat Bryant DE Auburn SOPH: Stood out at lot I thought, used his leverage well and got good push in the pocket.  Will rotate in and out and stay fresh but he could do some damage this year even as a rotation guy. I like his length and he gets good push despite not being a huge guy in terms of weight. 

*Joey Gatewood QB Auburn FR: Still has a long ways to go with a lot of things but kid is a fine athlete and is super athletic.  That is easy to see, and good for him he will most likely sit this year and learn but when he gets his time he could do some really good things especially in that offense with his size and athletic skills.

*Jatarvious Whitlow RB Auburn RS FR: Very impressive with his overall make you miss running style and low to the ground leg power.  Thick kid with some quickness to him and burst, will see if he can become a feature back on that team this season and would not be surprised if he does.

*Chauncey Rivers DE Miss State JR:  Need to watch him more but seem pretty quick off the ball and is a compact powerful kid rushing the passer.  Will see if he can crack that rotation in a talented DL group overall for Miss State, Rivers could flash this year as a pass rusher I feel.



Standout players after watching them more from last year:

*Andrew Wingard Wyoming S SR: Is a really promising safety talent, super productive and has been for a very long time without really getting hurt.  Is a solid tackler who I feel is good enough in coverage and moves from down in the box to back deep at safety pretty easily.  Good at shedding blockers around the line of scrimmage, and when you get to his level regardless of where that is most likely you are going down.  Does not miss tackles often at all.   I think he has the talent to be a highly regarded safety and one of the top 4-5 in the class maybe.  He can do a variety of things and is literally a safety measure for any defense because he is in position and stops the ball when he is around.  Comfortable in his backpedal and natural, will be very interesting to watch how he does this year. 


*Anthony Johnson Buffalo WR RS SR: Liked him last year but watching his tape some more that kid can really play, is very fast and easily runs by defensive backs on a consistent basis.  Is not just a track guy though, can make physical catches in traffic and get yards after the catch as well with his toughness and overall speed.  Would not be surprised to see him play his way into being a 2nd round pick and maybe even 1st if he plays really great ball.  Honestly he makes the QBs on Buffalo look good last year with his play, especially with Anderson he got open consistently and made some great catches for him.


*Youhanna Ghaifan Wyoming DT JR: Super quick big man who could play DT and do well or even DE in a 3/4 or 4/3 with his athletic ability.  Really active player who is very hard to handle especially when you put another solid DE right besides him.  Very interesting player and would not be surprised if he went out early for the draft this year.  Really promising talent no doubt and is fun to watch and has worlds of potential especially as a flat out pass rusher and penetrator.


*Carl Granderson Wyoming DE SR: Another super smooth and athletic defensive lineman for Wyoming.  Really fast off the ball and can gain penetration easily at times with his quickness and overall athletic ability.  Nice looking DE prospect, sadly for him it is a great overall DE group but still he is worth a mid round selection possibly.  At times looks really easy for him to get penetration and beat the tackle which is a great thing and he has big time talent with that length and quickness.  


*Ty Summers TCU ILB SR: Liked him last year but after watching him some more he is even better than I thought.  Always loved the intensity he plays with, really can fly around and make some big plays.  Surprisingly active hands in the passing game playing D, good blitzing backer and brings a heavy hit when he comes.  Good quickness and could be a fine 3/4 ILB possibly, will be a big year would not be surprised to see him as a mid round draft pick.  


*Mark McLaurin Miss State S SR: Really does fly around out there and make things happen.  I love his anticipation on the blitz, can really time that out and get back there very quickly.  Does over pursue and takes bad angles which is not good, but does make up for it at times with his effort and consistently getting into the action.  See how he does this year after really flashing a lot last season, see if he can improve on his game even more and be a little more stable back there.



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Again with the talk of three OL on Wisconsin being 1st round picks.  Talked about that already a little, wanted to go into each player individually a little more.


*Beau Benzschawel Wisconsin OG RS SR: Good athletic ability and moves very well for a guard.  Is nasty at times, can pull well and blocks well down field also.  Not super powerful in the run game but can be aggressive when he needs to.  Not sure how elite he is, solid player just not this 1st rounder some think of him as.  Will see how he does this up coming season does need to get stronger a little more consistent in his blocking I feel.


*Michael Dieter Wisconsin OG/OT RS SR: Is built like a guard but I feel struggled a lot at tackle last year, got beat in a few big games but also held his own and did ok.  Will be interesting to see how he does this year as the starting OG potentially and not at OT.  Wide body and good enough athlete, but again not sure he is this 1st round pick type talent out there, will see.  I think mid to late round guy at this point unless he really plays well this season as a guard.


*Jon Dietzen Wisconsin OG RS JR: At times I liked him more than other lineman on that team, but he is in and out of the lineup a lot which is not a great sign.  Is more powerful and strong than some of their higher rated guards.  I did have him as a mid round pick in this up coming draft but with all the depth on that line would be kind of foolish to go out early when he could stay and return as a senior and be more the man on that unit and have more of a chance to shine and or perform. 


*David Edwards Wisconsin OT RS JR: Could argue he has the most upside out of them all, can get good push from his tackle spot and plays with good leverage.  Does get beat from time to time in pass protection however but has arguably the most upside of any lineman they have right now.  Still compare him to other elite top tear OT over the years not sure he makes the grade, still has a lot to show when some tackles are super stars from the word go, just ask Trey Smith if anyone questions him after just one season of play.  


*Tyler Biadasz Wisconsin C RS SOPH: Is not a real likely player to come out for the draft this year but could technically.  I feel he has a lot of talent at center no question and really can get down field and make plays athletically.  Strong and quick athlete as a center I feel and should be even better this season.  Regardless of class he is easily one of the better centers in the nation potentially I feel.  



Here are some top OLs I can remember with multiple solid players and a few pro prospects, sure I am forgetting a few.  This past year you had the super rare thing of Nelson and McGlinchey both being drafted in the top 10 and I do not believe that has ever happened before coming from the same team.  Will see where this Wisconsin group ends up, not sure I would call any an elite player just yet but they could become that and again they are easily the best OL in college football without question especially in terms of returning talent from last year.


Oklahoma 2008
Trent Williams
Phil Loadholt
Duke Robinson
Jon Cooper
Brandon Walker


Michigan 2000
Steve Hutchinson
Jeff Backus
Maurice Williams
Tony Pape
Jonathan Goodwin
David Baas

Notre Dame 2015
Ronnie Stanley
Quentin Nelson
Nick Martin
Steve Elmer
Mike McGlinchey


Alabama 2012
Chance Warmack
Barrett Jones
Cyrus Kouandjio
DJ Fluker
Anthony Steen

Wisconsin 2010
Gabe Carimi
Kevin Zeitler
Travis Frederick
John Moffitt
Josh Oglesby
Ricky Wagner

Florida State 2012
Cameron Erving
Josue Matias
Tre Jackson
Menelik Watson
Bryan Stork
Boston College 2009
Anthony Castanzo
Matt Tennant
Thomas Claiborne
Emmett Cleary
Mike Goodman
Texas A&M 2012
Luke Joeckel
Jake Matthews
Cedric Ogbuehi
Patrick Lewis
Germain Ifedi
Jarvis Harrison
Just take that Wisconsin group from 2010, they were very highly regarded and sure Frederick has done well and Wagner and Zeitler are decent pros but the rest are not, especially Carimi who did not do well and Oglesby never turned out.  Same with that Alabama group who was crazy talented with Warmack, Kouandjio and Fluker.  Oddly enough could argue Fluker is the best out of that group and that is a shocker.  Same with that Florida State group, Matias was wonderfully talented in college and Watson had huge upside as well.  Erving turned out ok but Tre Jackson and Stork never turned out because of injuries and both were on the Patriots.  Again will see how this Wisconsin unit does this season with all the talent they have.  
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2 hours ago, goldfishwars said:

Trace McSorley seems pretty decent, from what I've seen (which isn't a huge sample admittedly). What's the knock? The size?

To me he has to show he can do it without such great talent around him.  Barkley was a super elite talent at RB that really took pressure off McSorley I think because all the defense focused completely on him, especially in that zone read system.  Not to mention he also had Gesicki, Hamilton, Blacknall and Juwan Johnson and DeAndre Tompkins all who are NFL caliber receivers to throw to.  


McSorley is a great competitor but this year will show a lot in just how good he really is, I think he benefited from who was around him a lot.  Still has talent there with him, but not nearly as much and if he can do well that will be good for him.  My guess is Penn State might not be the team they have been recently this year without the likes of Barkley.  Sure McSorley is similar to Mayfield in size and competitive fire maybe, but Mayfield has a better arm and Trace seems a little inaccurate at times and scrambles too much to make things happen.  Might not be able to play in a pro system if not given that freedom to run around and throw wherever.  Not sure how strong his arm is either, does not make many tight window throws it seems, makes more quick short throws or throws where he puts it up after scrambling around for awhile.  Will see this year no question if he really is the guy on that team or just benefited from being next to the guy (Barkley) last year.  



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McSorley is not an NFL prospect in my opinion. He's small, has a bleh arm, and goes on long spells where he can't buy a completion. He's nowhere near as accurate as some of the other QB's that have the stigma of being smaller and weakly armed. I wanted to like him so bad, but he was atrocious in some games thus far in his collegiate career and I just don't see him ever becoming a good NFL QB.

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