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Valahalla Mock Draft: New York Giants On The Clock


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32 days, 32 picks

Each pick’s poll will close around noon. 

Select the player that you think each team will draft. 

I’ll try and pretty this up later today. 


1. Cleveland - Sam Darnold, QB - USC

2. New York Giants - Josh Rosen, QB - UCLA

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Damn saw the post and was probably going to start this. Way to get on it Feist!

make the polls viewable so we can all see who vote for who! I think that’s a fun tool!


I went with Barkley FWIW.

Young, and probably the most raw experience wise compared to any of these QB’s. Would be a wise pick for the Browns.

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14 minutes ago, Heimdallr said:

It makes no sense to me to take anyone other than Rosen, but what do I know. I said they would go with Darnold.

I’d have a tough time taking a QB who’s suffered 3 concussions in the past 2 year, 2 of them coming last year. 

Darnold is the most talented of the bunch, but needs time to learn better footwork. I think Cleveland and Dorsey will take Darnold, and sit him for the entire year behind Taylor and Stanton. 

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