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11 hours ago, TheVillain112 said:

I think it would be stupid for us to cut Williams or Iloka (comment is not directed at you but the team).  Both players are above average starters IMO when healthy.  Williams just needs to get healthy.  Also, when Reggie Nelson left, there was some growing pains in the secondary communication.  Iloka, Williams, the corners, and the LBs all needed to get on the same page.  I think that communication has gotten better and the Williams/Iloka combo has their best days ahead of them.  To cut one now, eliminates that progress.

MJ and LaFell do need to get cut.  LaFell is OK but he's taking snaps away from more talented players.  He can easily be replaced by a mid-round (3-5) WR in this draft...

Only way it would try to make any sense is if they drafted a safety in the first two rounds but even then their contracts are so team friendly that it would be a bad move talent wise. Maybe if the new d coordinator wants more center fielder type free safeties but even then why cripple the depth? 

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