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Family Night Thread

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4 minutes ago, deltarich87 said:

TE's gashing GB's defense over the middle. Packers football is back!^_^

Seriously though, nice throw by Hundley and great grab by RichRod. Dude may not have any speed but he's certainly got good hands

He was wide open. He got fast!

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11 minutes ago, squire12 said:

Richard Rodgers is a nice #2 TE.  Just not suited skillset wise in todays NFL as a pass catching #1 TE.  

Best (#3) tight end in the NFL. 


Maybe my boy Trey in Philly though.


This has been more entertaining than I thought it would be.

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Waiting on Crosby's quotes to know what the issue was, but from the stream, snaps and holds looked clean tbh. Nothing really stood out.

The stream stunk btw. On half the damn drills they didnt' even show the whole play but were zoomed in on just the QB's or other individual players. Few times they'd cut to commercial break, return for like 20 seconds only to cut to commercial again....return for another quick 30 seconds only to cut to another commercial break


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