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First Depth Chart

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Figure that this warrants it's own thread. Not too many surprises, but a couple of things that are probably worth mentioning.

Bryan Witzmann seems to have pretty well secured the LG spot. We've seen basically nothing of him in his time for KC. Low end free agent signing from Dallas who just got some special teams or mop up snaps. But LG was definitely our weakest OL position last year after the Ehinger injury, so if he can be a step up from Fulton, I will gladly take it. Put our depth in a much better spot too once we get healthy, as regardless of who takes LG long term, we'll have two solid interior guys as backups and Reid outside. Will definitely be the best 8 guys we've had at OL in ages.

Nelson at RCB is somewhat interesting as well. Last year, Nelson always owned the nickel spot, but didn't play outside much, regardless of who we had in that spot (Gaines or White or Mitchell.) I assume Nelson will move inside in nickel and dime formations (which is most of our defense anyway), but the depth chart doesn't make it too clear who would spell him. Mitchell is listed as backup at RCB, but Gaines is listed as the backup to Peters which would conventionally mean the #3 CB. But, it could also be vague by design.

Ramik Wilson at the 2nd ILB spot makes me happy. I think he fared best out of all the guys we tried throughout the year last year, and I was worried March or Mauga would jump right back in front of him just because that's where they were previously.

Hill still on PRs, but not KRs. Pretty much what I expected there. He offers more value over average as a punt returner. And we can still use him in spots on kick returns if we need the boost.

I expect Kareem Hunt and Seantavious Jones to climb this depth chart once it actually starts to matter.



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43 minutes ago, CWood21 said:

@Jakuvious what's the update with Tamba Hali?

No news, really, but that's not a surprise. Last year we kept Hali on the PUP list until week 2 or 3 of the preseason, something like that. He's in that veteran status of needing rest far more than he needs practice or work with the playbook. Hali mentioned in an interview like a week ago that he knew going into the season that they planned to do the same with him this year. Start him on PUP, get him in in time for 2 or 3 weeks of practice and preseason, and have him ready by regular season. So the fact that we've heard nothing isn't terribly surprising there.

And there's been no talk or rumors of discontent since his Twitter rant a few weeks back, so hopefully that has been resolved with the team.

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Surprised West is listed as the no. 2 RB. Have a feeling they're gonna try and get a late rounder for him. Either way I think he's gone by Week 1.

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