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Consecutive QB taken at top of draft


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  1. 1. Number of QB Taken to Start the Draft?

    • Zero
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Four
    • Twenty-one-gazillion-three

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I think it's either 1 or 3 - either the Giants trade out of #2, or take Chubb / Barkley, or they trade down with Buffalo who takes a quarterback, and then Cleveland takes a non-qb at 4. I went with three because I think the giants will trade down. 

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13 hours ago, onejayhawk said:

Three. Giants trade #2 to Denver.



That honestly if the Giants want to trade would be the best move to make if they dont want a QB. Trading down with Buffalo is a big move 

Trade down with Denver and pick up their 2nd this year and in 2019

Draft goes



Baker or Allen

Browns would go Chubb we're not drafting Barkley 

then you've still got both Barkley or Nelson there at 5

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