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Richie Incognito Retires

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On 4/12/2018 at 4:25 PM, BillsGuy82 said:

We shall see. From my perspective the moves they made this off season contradict your thought process. I may be wrong but I'm seeing Beane building off of last season.

I see us jumping up to 6,7,8 while flipping 12 and 22 and competing for a playoff spot this season while Miami and NE retool and Jets keep rebuilding 

What does jumping to 6,7,8 and giving up 2 picks do for the bills? If Rosen and Mayfield are gone then there is absolutely zero point to move up. I can easily see Browns going Darnold at 1, Jets going Rosen at 3 and Denver taking Mayfield at 5 as all three teams need long term answers at QB. Keenum's deal can essentially be a 1 year deal so why wouldnt they take Mayfield if he is capable of being a long term franchise qb giving Elway retaining his longterm Gm position, it will make up for his mistake with Paxton Lynch. Miami is retooling as they have been doing that for the last 10 years since parcells was there but never actually built a team up and thats why they are stuck in the situations of having 1 decent season and a ton of mediocre ones, bills have had the same issue and without actually finding a qb to build around. The Phins went out and got Ryan Tannehill which had a ton of questions coming in to the draft but felt they needed to pull the trigger like the bills did with EJ. Phins should have never given him his extension as he is clearly a 5-10 yd passer and cant do anything outside of that. New England is retooling for this year but once brady retires that dynasty is at an end. They lost Cooks, Amendola, and a couple key players on oline. Brady will be 42 years old and they are pissing off one of the most important players on the team in gronk by denying him a contract extension and belichec is butting heads with him by publicly calling him out in front of his teammates. I think longterm wise im worried about the jets more then any team in the AFC East. They have had a couple key players they landed on with high picks like Leonard, and Adams. This reminds me of what Jacksonville has been doing by adding key expensive pieces to fit their glaring needs and having high picks multiple years to get top talented players. Bills have a shot by moving ahead of jets trading with giants and landing the qb they want rather then settling for one like the jets are doing. I can easily see bills getting Rosen at 2 and mayfield going to jets at 3 or jets going rosen at 3 and bills moving up to 4 to get mayfield if the price is cheaper and they are content with either qb.  Im just not buying the move up to 6-8 if they arent getting one of those 2 qbs it doesnt make sense. 

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Wasn't sure where to put this. But I hope this is a joke.



In a news release issued Friday by Boo2Bullying, Incognito called bullying a "national crisis," said the cause aligned with his values and added, "I can personally relate to it from both sides -- being bullied and being accused of being a bully."

Are you serious dude? What a scumbag.

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