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My Quick Mock Draft

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1. Harold Landry - OLB - will probably need some luck for him to drop to #25 but he would fill a huge need as a pass rusher who can learn behind Orakpo and Morgan his first year and then take over after that. Would like Vander Esch here but his stock seems to be skyrocketing.

2. Darius Leonard - ILB - our 2 biggest needs are ILB and OLB and I would love to see us knock those out with the first 2 picks. This may be a little early for him but I think would be a good pick even if it is a little early. Lorenzo Carter could be a good option if we go ILB in 1st.

3. Deon Cain - WR - may not be one of our biggest needs but if Corey Davis or Matthews gets hurt we will be in big trouble. Cain would be good depth for now and could be a better pro than college player with right coaching.

4. Austin Corbett - C/G - signed 2 guards in free agency but still need another young guy for Ben Jones just in case he struggles.

5. Rashaan Gaulden - S - I see him as a safety and another guy I think will be a better pro. Safety depth is another need and I think he would be good depth. Maybe a little biased also haha

6. Ian Thomas - TE - would be our 3rd TE. Probably takes Supernaw's place.

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Damn good to me. Any mock I see with Landry at 25 is likely going to be good to me. Dream is for him to fall to 25.

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